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The second-generation Armada is a solid candidate in the large SUV market. The second-generation Armada is a solid candidate in the large SUV market.

Streetwise: Nissan Armada Platinum

Written by  Tim Miller on Monday, 04 May 2020 11:20

This big and powerful Nissan Armada offers lots of cabin space and towing capacity. The second-generation Nissan Armada is the auto-maker's flagship SUV, offering a vast amount of interior space and towing capacity.

It is derived from Nissan's globally-sold Patrol and has the tough and proven DNA of the Patrol. The traditional body-on-frame construction of the Armada is combined with a large V8 engine and four-wheel drive capabilities. It is assembled in Kyushu Japan and the 5.6-liter engine is built in Tennessee.

LIKES: The Armada makes no compromises as a big, heavy vehicle. With seating up to eight, it will certainly carry that number in comfort. It provides a quiet ride but the full-frame architecture is obvious in the ride, which can be a little choppy. Also obvious is the Armada cannot be driven like a performance car with its truck-like steering, brakes, and handling. But one does not buy an Armada for such whimsy.

WHAT'S BEST: The square body lines provide an enormous amount of cabin space, either for people or cargo. Its sight line are excellent. The naturally-aspirated V8 provides lots of grunt. The front seats are well-padded and comfortable. Controls and gauges are intuitive and easy to operate. The towing capacity is higher than a lot of vehicles in this segment. Interior amenities abound in the top level Platinum version, although the SL version offers a host of convenience and splash at about $6,000 less.

WHAT'S WORST: While this version of the Armada was introduced in 2016, it could use some updating in areas, such as its infotainment screens. The small square info screen between the two analogue dials in front of the driver are definitely due for a makeover. And while the engine certainly provides adequate power, the Armada will never win any mileage contests. The vehicle's weight is a factor here, but the fuel consumption is in the ball park with similar vehicles.

OVERALL: For moving people, cargo, or towing, the Armada is a player. It makes no excuses about its size. It is not pretentious or flashy. While some of its aspects could be enhanced and updated, it is a sensible vehicle with proven technology where it counts.

Controls and functions are well-though out, but info screens could use updating.

Controls and functions are well-though out, but info screens could use updating.


2020 Nissan Armada Platinum

Price as tested: $75,148, base: $72,398

Engine: 5.6-liter V8

Power/Torque: 390 horsepower, 394 lb-ft

Fuel Mileage: 18L/100kms city, 13.06L/100kms highway, 15.6L/100 kms combined

Drivetrain: AWD, seven-speed automatic, final drive ratio 2.93 to 1. Brakes 13.8-inch ventilated discs, front and rear. Rack and pinion steering with 3.5 turns lock-to-lock. Front suspension double-wishbone with stabilizer bar, rear suspension double-wishbone, independent, with stabilizer bar.

Wheels, 20-inch, tires 275/60R/20.


Wheelbase: 3976-mm, 121.1-inches

Weight: 2705 kg, 5963 pounds

Fuel tank capacity: 98.4 liters

Cargo volume: 470 liters (16.6 cubic feet) behind third row of seats.

1404 liters (49.6 cubic feet) behind second row of seats.

2692 liters (95.1 cubic feet) behind first row of seats.

Towing capacity: 8500 pounds.

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