The Palisade’s front end may not appeal to everyone but is distinctive. The Palisade’s front end may not appeal to everyone but is distinctive. Photos Courtesy of Tim Miller

Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade – Similar vehicles offer a host of features in well-executed packages

Written by  Tim Miller on Tuesday, 19 November 2019 17:31

These large eight-passenger SUV checks all the boxes for size, convenience, and value.

They differ only in front and rear-end styling and dashboards. Some of the accoutrements of the Hyundai Palisade are more high-end, such as the shifting mechanism and interior trim, but underneath they are the same vehicle. The Palisade is also more expensive.

The Palisade/Telluride is very smooth and quiet on the road. Power from the V6 is adequate, and the eight-speed shifts well both up and down. Interior sight lines are good, and rear seat headrest do not interfere with rear-facing vision. Both offer sensible dash layouts with the placement of controls intuitive and right at hand. Entry and exit are easy.

The square overall shape of the vehicle provides a wealth of interior room for both people and cargo room. With its straight roof line, there is no wasted space. Both the Kia and Hyundai offer a host of features in usually found in more expensive competitors, and the interiors are quite elegant but restrained.

The pointer on the tachometer on the Hyundai goes backwards (anti-clockwise), and the key fob on the Telluride may be awkward for some with its side buttons. The windshield wipers on both vehicles cannot be lifted off the windshield, a deterrent when removing ice and snow, and while the second-row seats may be lowered with a button at the inside rear, they must be raised by hand.

At one time General Motors had five distinct division versions of its mini-van, a blatant example of badge engineering. For similar marketing reasons Kia and Hyundai have done the same, but styling has given each SUV some character here. Both offer a great and sensible package of carrying people and cargo in vehicles loaded with features found on more expensive SUVs.

Price as tested: $53,999 (Palisade), $49,999 (Telluride)
Engine: 3.8-liter V6
Power/Torque: 291 horsepower, 262 lb-ft
Fuel Mileage: 10 L/100 km highway, 13 L/100 km city
Drivetrain: On-demand AWD, eight-speed transmission, MacPherson struts and coil springs on front, multi-link on rear, rack and pinion steering, front brakes 13.4-inch vented discs, rear brakes 12-inch solid discs, 245/50R/20 tires.
Specifications: Wheelbase 2900-mm (114.7 in), weight 2022 kgs (4457 lbs), cargo area behind front seat 2447 cubic liters (86 cubic feet), cargo area behind second seat 1297 cubic liters ( 45.8 cubic feet), total interior space 5043 cubic liters (178 cubic feet), trailer towing capacity 5000 pounds, fuel tank capacity 71 liters (15.6 gallons).

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