Ford has done a great job beefing up the Edge ST in appearance, making it look sharper and sinister. Ford has done a great job beefing up the Edge ST in appearance, making it look sharper and sinister. Photos Courtesy of Ford Canada

The New Ford Edge ST Has Power and Looks, But is Missing Performance

Written by  Tim Miller on Thursday, 14 March 2019 19:32

As Ford drops its car lines, except for its Mustang, the automaker has given its SUV and pick-up vehicles some performance upgrades for buyers who wish enhanced driving. The Ford Performance people have introduced an ST version of its popular Edge, but this mid-size five-seater SUV lacks the sporty and agile DNA of its ST-built cars.

With 335 horsepower under the hood, the Edge ST is certainly a performer in straight-line acceleration, but rest of the drivetrain does not live up to the powerplant.
For sure the Edge ST does handle and stop better than the more utilitarian versions, but it does not promote the enthusiastic driving that gave the other Ford ST variants their spirited driving. As with all versions of the Edge, the ST is assembled in Ford's Oakville, ON facility, while the EcoBoost V6 is built in the Ford engine plant in Lima, Ohio.

Ford has done a great job beefing up the Edge ST in appearance, making it look sharper and sinister with 21-inch wheels, dual exhausts in the rear fascia, and other sporty design cues. The sporty styling cues continue into the interior with controls placed logically.

Handling is certainly better than a standard Edge, and the suspension is tuned stiffer and provides more feedback to the driver. The cabin is very roomy with efficient use of space and provides excellent sight lines. The turbocharged V6 provides more than enough power, and the all-wheel drive system will transfer power to the wheel that need it the most, depending on the situation.

The brake pedal is hinged very low from under the dashboard, and was awkward to use, sitting much too low to the floor. The eight-speed automatic could be indecisive at times. Using the shifter paddles could be frustrating, as the transmission would play catch-up with the speed selected on both up and down shifting.

The connection between driver and vehicle was missing with the Edge ST. Other Ford performance vehicles have succeeded with the formula between performance power and the handling and brakes to make full use of that power. While it may be over the top, the Dodge Durango SRT is a complete package and all the pieces fit well for a great driving experience. The Edge ST doesn't provide this sensation, at least not yet.

Base price: $49,099
Price as tested: $58,189
Power/Torque: 335 horsepower / 380 lb-ft
Fuel mileage: 12.85 L/100 km city, 9.05 L/100 km highway
Drivetrain: AWD, eight-speed automatic, MacPherson strut front and integral link suspension with ST-tuned shock absorbers and larger sway bars. Rack and pinion steering, vented performance 345-mm brake rotors.
Specifications: Weight: 2030 kg (4477 lbs), wheelbase: 2849 mm (112.2 inches), fuel capacity: 70 liters (18.5 gallons), passenger volume: 3225 liters (113.9 cubic feet), storage space: 2078 cubic liters (73.4 cubic feet with rear seat folded).

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