Tom Walters Scores First Career OSCAAR Hot Rod Victory at Sunset Speedway

Tom Walters Scores First Career OSCAAR Hot Rod Victory at Sunset Speedway

Written by  Ashley McCubbin on Wednesday, 23 September 2020 08:34

INNISFIL, Ontario --- Tom Walters wrote another chapter of his Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame career in scoring his first career OSCAAR Hot Rods victory at Sunset Speedway on Saturday.

Walters won the first qualifier ahead of Billy Alderson Jr., Steve Book, Trevor Thompson, Bill Clarke, Sean Walker, and Adam Misener.

Tyler Hawn won the second heat ahead of Nick Clarke, Scott Beatty, Adrian Foster, Mat Hopkins, Jeremy McLean, Nick Clarke, and Dan Rothwell.

Walters went for the daily double ahead of Book, Thompson, Alderson Jr., Walker, Bill Clarke, Misener, and Ryan Cowan.

Scott Beatty won the fourth heat ahead of Hawn, Senior, Foster, Rothwell, McLean, Nick Clarke, and Hopkins. Hopkins would go around on the last lap in turn two.

Come feature time, Billy Alderson Jr. started pole ahead of Trevor Thompson, Adrian Foster, Steve Book, Tyler Hawn, Scott Beatty, Paul Senior, Tom Walters, Bill Clarke, Sean Walker, Mat Hopkins, Jeremy McLean, Dan Rothwell, Nick Clarke, Ryan Cowan, Adam Misener, and Jim Blackwell.

The feature did not start out smoothly, with Cowan spinning in turn one on the opening lap for the caution.

The second attempt to start the race went smoothly with the top-eight double wide, with Hawn looking to go three-wide on Foster and Beatty on Lap 2. Thompson would grab the top spot on Lap 4, but not without incident as Alderson gave him a little nudge in the process. Thompson kept it straight, holding the advantage ahead of Alderson, Book, and Beatty, as Walters and Hawn battled for fourth. The second caution then came out on Lap 8, though, for Hopkins and Blackwell both stopping in turn one.

The restart would see the top-six stay double wide for the first lap, with Thompson breaking out with the advantage, as Walters and Alderson ran side-by-side for second ahead of Book. Behind him, Beatty and Hawn ran side-by-side for fifth, with Beatty getting the spot as he challenged Book for fourth on Lap 13.

With 14 laps on the board, Thompson continued to lead with Walters up to second ahead of Alderson and Beatty, with Senior and Book side-by-side for fifth ahead of Hawn, Foster, McLean, and Walker.

Walters would then get alongside Thompson for the top spot on Lap 16, taking over the lead a lap later. Alderson continued to run third ahead of Beatty, Senior, Book, Hawn, Foster and McLean, with Walker and Nick Clarke side-by-side for 10th. The battle continued until Walker began to slow on Lap 20, heading down pit road overheating. The third caution then came out a lap later for Cowan going around in turn two.

Walters got a good restart to maintain the advantage ahead of Thompson, with Alderson and Beatty side-by-side for third, as Book and Senior battled for fifth. Alderson got the spot on Lap 27, with Senior following him through. Senior then got alongside Alderson for third on Lap 28, taking over the spot two laps later. The fourth caution then came out on Lap 31 for Cowan going around, once again in turn two.

Walters got away once again ahead of Thompson, as Alderson got dead sideways following contact from Senior. Senior was able to snag third in the process ahead of Alderson as a result.

Tom Walters scored the feature victory ahead of Trevor Thompson, Paul Senior, Billy Alderson Jr., and Scott Beatty. Steve Book finished sixth, followed by Tyler Hawn, Adrian Foster, Nick Clarke, and Jeremy McLean. Bill Clarke finished 11th, followed by Jim Blackwell, Adam Misener, Ryan Cowan, Dan Rothwell, Sean Walker, and Mat Hopkins.

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