A.J. Emms Holds off Kamrath En Route to OSCAAR Modified Victory at Sunset Speedway Ashley McCubbin photo

A.J. Emms Holds off Kamrath En Route to OSCAAR Modified Victory at Sunset Speedway

Written by  Ashley McCubbin on Tuesday, 22 September 2020 22:15

INNISFIL, Ontario (September 22, 2020) --- it came down to the final laps of the feature, but it was A.J. Emms holding off Andy Kamrath en route to winning the OSCAAR Modified feature at Sunset Speedway.

Andy Kamrath won the first qualifier ahead of Dale Reinhart, Kelly Balson, Craig Downey, Jase Cornell, and Ben Gruntz.

A.J. Emms won the second heat ahead of Cory Horner, Jason Keen, Norman Newman, T.J. Edwards, Ryan Dick, and Wally Wilson.

Come feature time, Kelly Balson started pole ahead of Jason Keen, A.J. Emms, Dale Reinhart, Andy Kamrath, Cory Horner, Craig Downey, Norman Newman, T.J. Edwards, Jase Cornell, Ryan Dick, Ben Gruntz, and Wally Wilson.

Balson would grab the early advantage ahead of Reinhart, with Emms and Keen side-by-side for third. Emms got the spot on Lap 2, bringing Kamrath through with him to bump Keen back to fifth. Newman ran sixth ahead of Edwards, Downey, Dick, and Cornell, with Horner and Gruntz side-by-side for 11th on Lap 5. Horner got the spot two laps later, passing Cornell for 10th on Lap 9.

With 10 laps on the board, Balson continued to lead, with Emms getting alongside Reinhart for second. Emms completed the pass a lap later, with Kamrath following through two laps after that. Reinhart now ran fourth ahead of Keen, Newman, Edwards, and Horner. The race’s lone caution would then come out at Lap 15 for Dick going around in turn four.

Emms would get a good restart, taking over the top spot as Kamrath and Balson battled for second ahead of Reinhart, Newman, and Keen. Kamrath got the spot on Lap 17, with Reinhart looking to follow him through but unable to do so. Behind them, Newman continued to run fifth now ahead of Edwards, Keen, Horner, Cornell, Wilson, and Dick. Wilson carried forward his climb from the back, passing Cornell for ninth on Lap 23.

At the front, Emms continued to pace the field over Kamrath, with Reinhart taking another shot at passing Balson for third. The pair ran side-by-side over the next six laps, with Reinhart able to gain the advantage and take over the spot.

Kamrath was able to reel in Emms as the laps closed down, giving a shot to the rear bumper of the No. 14 with a couple laps to go as he looked to get a run underneath. He was never able to, though, ultimately following him across the finish line.

A.J. Emms scored the victory ahead of Andy Kamrath, Dale Reinhart, Kelly Balson, and Norman Newman. T.J. Edwards finished sixth, followed by Jason Keen, Cory Horner, Jase Cornell, and Wally Wilson. Ryan Dick finished 11th, followed by Craig Downey, Ben Gruntz, and Jeff Walt.

The next event for the OSCAAR Modifieds will take place at Jukasa Motor Speedway on Saturday, September 26. They will be joined by the APC United Late Models of Ontario, MRE Super Stock Series, and Knightworks Design OSCAAR Hot Rods. The event will be live streamed on the GForce Network.

Be sure to keep up with OSCAAR by staying tuned to the series website at http://www.oscaar.ca. Also, make sure to “like” the official OSCAAR Racing Facebook page, while following both the Twitter and Instagram accounts (@OSCAARRacing) to keep up to date on everything you need to know.

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