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NLSA: Former champion Bernard back In Victory Lane

Written by  on Friday, 17 August 2012 23:05

WINNIPEG, MB (August 17, 2012) - For the first time since 2010, former Northern Lightning Sprint Association Champion Roland Bernard found himself in a familiar place, Victory Lane. The win propelled Bernard into first place in the Lightning Sprint points standings at Red River Co-op Speedway, 7 points ahead of Dylan Sabatini.

The 2-time open wheel champion appeared to return to form as his #2 Lightning Sprint checked out during the NLSA feature. Never letting up, Bernard effortlessly weaved his way through lapped traffic for the win.

Behind Bernard was a 3-way dance between hard-charging Amber Balcaen, Chris Sorin and Wally Butler. Balcaen had taken the early lead with the rest of the front-runners in hot pursuit.

After numerous attempts to pass Amber Balcaen, Chris Sorin used the cushion to finally out-distance his #1 Sprint from his tenacious rivals.

The embattled Balcaen fought valiantly before the #35W of Wally Butler finally got by the veteran's #10 Lightning Sprint and set his sights in the second place car of Chris Sorin.

Butler gave chase and caught the #1 Sprint to close out the race with a wheel to wheel photo finish. In the end, it was Chris Sorin edging out Wally Butler by a nose for 2nd place.

Rounding up the evening's top 5 were Roland Bernard, Chris Sorin, Wally Butler, Amber Balcaen and Dylan Sabatini.

In earlier action, the Heat winners were Amber Balcaen and Wally Butler.

Driving the #31 Lightning Sprint was new driver, Rodney Banman.

Next scheduled racing action for the NLSA will be 4:00pm on Sunday, August 19 at ALH Motor Speedway in Morden, MB

The next scheduled NLSA racing at Red River Co-op Speedway will be Thursday, August 23 at 7:30pm.

Northern Lightning Sprint Association

Red River Co-op Speedway, MB.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heat 1

1. 10 Amber Balcaen

2. 13 Al Giesbrecht

3. 17 Jesse Giesbrecht

4. 7 Brent Steg

5. 9 Matt Zaleski

6. 29 Dylan Sabatini

Heat 2

1. 35W Wally Butler

2. 1 Chris Sorin

3. 2 Roland Bernard

4. 14 Edward Bell

5. 31 Rodney Banman

NLSA Feature

1. 2 Roland Bernard

2. 1 Chris Sorin

3. 35W Wally Butler

4. 10 Amber Balcaen

5. 29 Dylan Sabatini

6. 14 Edward Bell

7. 7 Brent Steg

8. 17 Jesse Giesbrecht

9. 13 Al Giesbrecht

10. 9 Matt Zaleski

11. 31 Rodney Banman

About the Northern Lightning Sprint Association: Created in September of 2008, the Northern Lightning Sprint Association is a rapidly growing organization committed to the creation and maintenance of safe, fast, fun, and affordable open wheel racing. Many of the organization's members are dedicated to helping charities such as the Children's Hospital Foundation and Cancer Care of Manitoba. More information can be found at

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