CORNWALL: Planck wins his second feature of the season at CMS

CORNWALL: Planck wins his second feature of the season at CMS

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CORNWALL, ON - It was a big night of racing at Cornwall Motor Speedway as the Pro-Stock and Semi-Pro had double feature because of a rainout in mid-July as the Mini-Stock had an extended 25-lap feature along with a complete race program for Modifieds and Sportsman on Cayer Motor Sales night.

The night started with the remake of the 15-lap in Semi-Pro of July 15; Michael McCargar took the lead but quickly looses the lead to Benoit Dubois as Derek Cryderman takes second. The red flag was thrown on lap 8 as McCargar got upside down in turn 1. On the restart, Cryderman grabs the lead but Dubois runs with the leader. Cryderman leads the final portion to get his third feature of the year over Dubois and Jake Deer completes the podium.

The 20-lap Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock remake feature was next on track as Charles-David Beauchamp was the early leader over Steve Johnston and Dan Desnoyers. Ryan Stabler quickly made his way to the top 3 and was on the backbumper of the leader on lap 7. Yellow was out on the same lap as Mathieu Bougie stopped in turn 4. Stabler grabbed the lead on the restart as Stéphane Lebrun was now in third at the halfway point. Caution was out on the following lap as Bougie hit the wall in turn 4. A good battle on the green for the lead as Lebrun and Ghislain Valade were racing hard behind Stabler, Lebrun got the lead in the backstretch with 6 laps remaining. Lebrun led the final circuits to capture his first feature of the season over George Renaud and Ryan Stabler completed the podium.

In the 30-lap Jiffy Auto Services Modified feature, Shane Pecore got the lead over Marc Therrien and Brian McDonald. Kevin Hamel lost a wheel and caution was out on lap 4. Pecore had a strong start with McDonald and Kyle Dingwall moving up to second and third. The leader had a build a good distance on the field when several cars got together in turn 3 and the yellow was out with 9 laps completed. Dingwall wasted no time on the restart and took the lead over Pecore as Dale Planck made his way to the top 3 with a dozen laps in. Planck got second on the following lap and chased down Dingwall. Planck got by Dingwall on lap 16 and pulled away. Pecore had challengers for his third spot as Carey Terance passed him with 7 laps to go. Terrance was strong and passed Dingwall on the final lap. Planck won his second feature of the season over Terrance and Dingwall finished on the podium.

The Storm Realty Tracy Wheeler 20-lap Sportsman feature saw Adam Rozon grab the lead on the 25-car field. Two cautions slowed the field with 3 laps completed as Rozon leads over John Mills and Mitch Primeau. Rozon comfortable in front as Corey Wheeler was running strong in fourth with Justin Lalancette closing the top 5 as Dany Gagné brought the caution with 9 laps done. Mills got the lead as Wheeler jumped to second with Chris Herbison now in the mix in fourth. The yellow came again on lap 13. Wheeler had the lead on the following green lights as Herbison was now in third. Early leader had bad luck as he rolled over with 4 laps to go and red flag was on the field. Wheeler led the final laps to win his third feature of the season over Herbison and Mills.

The second feature of the Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock saw Dan Desnoyers in the lead over Dion Oakes and Ghislain Valade. Oakes used the inside lane and took the top spot on lap 5 over Desnoyers as Ryan Stabler was in the mix now in second. Stabler got closer to Oakes with 6 laps to go. The 2 leaders were side by side as Stabler was faster on the top. Stabler led the final laps and won his second event of the year over Oakes and Valade.

In the second Evans Bus Line 15-lap Semi-Pro feature, Junior Delormier led the first five laps as Derek Cryderman got the lead. Cryderman had company in the final portion of the race as Wes Bilmer got in front of him as Benoit Dubois was in third. Bilmer led the final laps of the feature and got his first win of the season.

Joel Pilon was the early leader in the special 25-lap Crazy Dave DJ Service Mini-Stock feature. Pilon in control of the race as Martin Bernard was strong using the top lane and got to the leader on lap 6. Bernard got the lead on the following lap as Michael Blais passed Pilon for second. Blais used a restart on lap 9 to grab the lead as Bernard was now second. Blais slowed on lap 19 causing the yellow and giving the lead back to Bernard. He led the final laps to win his second feature in a row over Marc Chartrand and Joel Pilon.

Jiffy Auto Services Modified Feature Results (30 laps) Dale Planck, Carey Terrance, Kyle Dingwall, Shane Pecore, Kayle Robidoux, Gage Morin, Chris Raabe, Brian McDonald, Laurent Ladouceur, Tim O'Brien, Yan Bussiere, Lance Willix, Bruno Lepage, David Papineau, Roger Levesque, Lee Miller, Suzie Langlois, Joel Doiron, Marc Therrien, Kevin Hamel

Storm Realty Tracy Wheeler Sportsman Feature Results (20 laps) Corey Wheeler, Chris Herbison, John Mills, Corey Winters, Dany Gagne, Ryan Arbuthnot, Mitch Primeau, Gilles Godard, Louie Jackson, Wyatt Mullin, Nolan Swamp, Dan Jalbert, Ronnie Tyo, Thomas Cook, Tammy Jalbert, Ryan Comeau, Chris Wilson, Terry Ladouceur, Devin Caron, Jenna David, Adam Rozon, Mike Stacey, Justin Lalancette, Brian Comeau, Francis Quesnel, Pat Dumouchel

Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock Feature Results (20 laps) Ryan Stabler, Dion Oakes, Ghislain Valade, Guy Viens, Stephane Lebrun, Dan Desnoyers, Charles David Beauchamp, Joey Ladouceur, Rosco Garreau, Michel Desjardins, George Renaud, Alain Brochu, Dave Seguin, Marc Lalonde, Rock Aubin, Claude Parisien, Steve Johnston, Trevor Gaucher, Shawn Johnson, Mathieu Bougie

July 15th Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock Feature Results (20 tours) Stephane Lebrun, George Renaud, Ryan Stabler, Ghislain Valade, Dion Oakes, Joey Ladouceur, Charles David Beauchamp, Dan Desnoyers, Shawn Johnson, Marc Lalonde, Dave Seguin, Michel Desjardins, Rosco Garreau, Rock Aubin, Steve Johnston, Mathieu Bougie, Trevor Gaucher, Ricky Thompson (DNS)

July 15th Evans Bus Lines Semi-Pro Feature Results (15 laps) Derek Cryderman, Benoit Dubois, Jake Deer, Wes Bilmer, Joe Woods, Roger D'Amour, Michael McCargar, Junior Delormier, Robert Delormier (DNS), Anthony Perron (DNS), Andrew Giroux (DNS)

Evans Bus Lines Semi-Pro Feature Results (15 laps) Wes Bilmer, Junior Delormier, Joe Woods, Benoit Dubois, Jake Deer, Richard Brady, Michael McCargar, Patrick Lalonde, Derek Cryderman, Alexandre Gagnon, Roger D'Amour, Adam Switzer, Guy Regimbald

Crazy Dave’s DJ Services Mini-Stock Feature Results (25 laps) Martin Bernard, Marc Chartrand, Joel Pilon, Darryl Mitchell, Danny Lefebvre, Jamie McKee, Justin Desrosiers, Michael Blais, Mark Radbourne, Alain Tardif, Bob Ray, Dan Cook, Mike Gaucher, Mathieu Aubin, Pierre Robidoux

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