South Buxton Raceway Report For August 4, 2018

South Buxton Raceway Report For August 4, 2018

Written by  Kerri Wright on Sunday, 05 August 2018 14:11

MERLIN, ON (August 5, 2018)- The Great Canadian Oil Change Mini Mod feature race was in memory of Ray Burgess, the late father in law of Marshall Hereygers #31.

An avid race fan, Burgess was often found spending his Saturday nights at South Buxton Raceway until he decided to stay home and enjoy fatherhood. Six years ago, Burgess was able to rekindle his love of racing while watching Hereygers and Matt Sorrell turn laps at his local track.

“This means the world to me tonight, I’m super happy to be here right now”, an emotional Hereygers said in Victory Lane. Hereygers began the feature in 6th position and patiently over took each car ahead of him one by one. It was a hard battle for first place with West Bertozzi #K9. Hereygers and Bertozzi put on an incredible show racing side by side. Bertozzi did not give up first place without an incredible fight, but on lap 8 Hereygers was able to over take him for a very emotional win. Bertozzi finished second and Larry Hart #7 finished third.

He waited for the last lap of the West Side Performance Plus Feature race to get the lead, but Chris Ross #18R was back in Victory Lane. After a nail biting battle with Mike Lewis #05, Ross showed off his talent with a passing slide and collected another Feature win of the season. “It came right down to the end, it was awesome” Ross said surrounded by family and supporters. “We come to race and put on a show for everyone, hopefully they all had fun”. Lewis, who led the Feature for the majority of the race, finished second. Dale Glassford #60 climbed from his ninth position starting place and finished third.

The Schinkels Gourmet Meats Modified Feature Race had fans standing as Justin Mills #6m led the race for 15 laps with an incredible 5 second lead on his opponents. A caution on lap 15 ended Mills incredible lead and opened the door for Joel Dick #09. As the green flag waved to continue the feature, Dick was quick to over take his oppenents. Mills did not go out without a fight, he battled hard to reclaim his lead but unfortunately he couldn’t quite catch Dick. It was another feature win for the #09 car, after which Dick thanked all of his sponsors and supporters. Mills finished his incredible race second and Patrick Lajeunesse #98P finished third.

It was another Auto Tech Sales and Service Thunder Stock feature win for Steve Shaw #96. It was a pass on lap number five that gave Shaw the lead and he never looked back. Shaw beamed with pride when told by the track announcer Dean Outhouse that his son Steve Shaw Jr #96JR had finished behind him in second place and his youngest son Todd #9T6 finished fourth. “Wow, that’s really great, that’s fantastic” the beaming father said as he drove away to celebrate. Chris Hale #79 finished third.


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