Josh Shantz Has Huge Pay Day At Flamboro Speedway Enduro 400 Derek Smith photo

Josh Shantz Has Huge Pay Day At Flamboro Speedway Enduro 400

Written by  Randy Spencer on Wednesday, 06 September 2017 22:21

FREELTON, ON (September 6, 2017)- With the summer winding down it is Enduro time and the first of two was on tap Labour Day Monday afternoon at Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway.

400 laps of intense action was set to go. This year we used the transponders from the Waterloo Regional Kart Club to help so we wouldn't have any issues like what happened last year. One of the biggest pay days in Flamboro history with $12,000 going to the winner.

Fifty seven drivers were registered and after working the bugs out of the transponder system we were set to go. The cars took green and the 14 car of James Townsend was the leader after 1 of 400. He would lead for a while but Rodney Rutherford, the winner of two enduros last year was the new leader. Gary Slama was the leader a few laps later and would settle in for a while as the lead car. Things would start to get messy as parts were everywhere and as the cars entered turn three on lap 66 the 20 car of A.J. Lupton got a flat and took a hard hit into the turn four wall. A couple cars piled in behind and the red was quickly out. Emergency crews rushed t the scene and Lupton was injured and would require some outside help.

Hamilton Fire and EMS were summoned to the track and they would extricate Lupton from the car. His car was destroyed and Lupton was in some pain and distress. He was removed on a back board and taken to hospital. Haven't heard the extent of injuries but he seems to be better than he was.

Get well soon A.J., not the way you wanted your first race experience to end up.

On the restart, Slama continued to lead. Josh Shantz was soon up to Slama's bumper and they battled for a many laps. By lap 100, Shantz was the new leader. He would build a half track lead by 135 and by 175 Shantz, Dave Bailey and Steve Lovie were the only cars on the lead lap.

A pre-determined fuel stop on lap 205 as the cars filled with fuel for the final 195 laps to the end. Shantz continued to lead and as the laps wound down Shantz and Bailey were the only cars on the lead lap. With checkers in sight it was Josh Shantz picking up the $12,000 first prize followed by two familiar faces, Dave Bailey picking up $5,000 and Rodney Rutherford coming third taking home $3,000.

Great race and lots of excitement. Big thanks to all the drivers, crew and the scorers. Very big thanks to Waterloo Regional Kart Club, especially to Christine Dryden for running the scoring system. It made our lives so much easier, she'll be back for the Halloween 300 Enduro October 21st with $8,000 to the winner as well as a Demolition Derby.

Check the website for all the details,


Enduro 400 : #18 Josh Shantz, #419 Dave Bailey, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #408 Michael Ford, #5 Jonathan Ayrton, #024 Bryan Bateson, #14 James Townsend, #09 Kent Nuhn, #5c Craig Cole, #81x Karl Sault, #76 Shawn Taylor, #1 Dan Dos Santos, #32 Gillian Hils, #87x Shone Evans, #12 Andy Butchart, #2 Travis Hofstetter, #44x Ryan Fisher, #187 Jim McTavish, #71 Brad Webb, #23 Andrew Castelein, #96 Billy Durrant, #83c Mitch Cussons, #17 Derek Anderson, #45 Cory Janssens, #25 Curtis Young, #171 Zackery McCormack, #83 Blair Jacquard, #43 Brian Watson, #29k Kathleen Lampman, #93 Peter Vyn, #31 Gary Slama, #41 Steve Lovie, #73 Mike Troback, #16 Justin Haanstra, #75 Curtis Meidlinger, #88 Robert Young, #67j Josh Whitney, #44 Jamie Cox, #51 Derek Moesker, #20 A.J.Lupton, #4 Steve McGregor, #81 Jordan Gallant, #49 Scott McGregor, #327 Trevor Farrington, #11z Darren Zumpe, #131 Seth Kilby, #404 Matt Reuter, #43x Blair Fisher, #29 Bryan Sudsbury, #36 Dillan McGuire, #7x Noel Snow, #555 Jon Henderson, #248 Billy Zardo III, #79n William Nicholls, #1x Jesse Dearsley, #05 Pete Reid, #21 Cory Eccles, #413 Justin Taylor


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