LUCAS OIL CAN-AM MIDGETS: McLennan wins at Grand Bend

LUCAS OIL CAN-AM MIDGETS: McLennan wins at Grand Bend

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GRAND BEND, ON - Darren McLennan entered victory lane for the second time this season as the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets raced at 'The Bull Ring' at Grand Bend Speedway in Ontario on Saturday night.

Racing in front of his hometown fans, at least one grandstand was full of TQ 48 followers. A loud cheer went up as McLennan accepted the checkered flag.

"I'd like thank my dad and brother for the perfect setup on the car, it was on rails," said McLennan. He continued on by also thanking series sponsor Lucas Oil and his supporters, Husqvarna, Brian's Service Center, Contact Welding Supplies and Awesome Racewear. The 2011 champion continues to lead the points series by 59 points over 2nd place Mack DeMan.

At the drop of the green, Chris Holman took the lead from his pole position. David Balych was second followed closely by Todd Cresswell. Another hometown favorite, Corey Moesker, was third as James Gray rounded out the top five. McLennan, starting seventh, was up to fourth by lap 3. Cresswell was shuffled back in the field getting loose in turn one and McLennan passed both him and Balych and was now up to second place. Holman continued his lead but McLennan was in his rear view mirror and closing fast. Going into turn 3 on lap nine, McLennan made one quick move to the inside and passed Holman for the lead. Gray was now in third with Moesker close behind. Balych hung on to the fifth spot.

Just past half way, Cresswell spun in turn four bringing out the first caution. At the restart Rob Divenanzo also spun in the same turn again bringing out the caution flag. When the field went green McLennan put it in 'high gear' and extended his lead over Holman by ten car lengths. Gray and Moesker held their own battle for position and Mack DeMan moved into the top five. DeMan found an opening and quickly passed Moesker setting his sites on Gray. McLennan had half a straightaway on the field as Holman began to fade. Gray took over second place followed by DeMan. Holman now had Moesker knocking on his door for 4th. Moesker motored around Holman with five laps to go.

McLennan continued his command of the race as Gray and DeMan fought over second place. The checkered flag came out as McLennan took the win with Gray, DeMan, Moesker and Holman keeping in the top five.

Heats were won by Holman and McLennan. The 'B' Feature was won by Greg Smulders. The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets next head to Flamboro Speedway the night of Saturday, July 14.

Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Grand Bend Speedway on July 7, 2012 
1. DARREN MCLENNAN, 2. James Gray, 3. Mack DeMan, 4. Corey Moesker, 5. Chris Holman, 6. Adrian Stahle, 7. David Balych, 8. Greg Smulders, 9. Jeff Blackburn, 10. Chris Bauman, 11. Todd Cresswell, 12. Tom Kyle, 13. Rob Neely, 14. Rob Divenanzo, 15. Dave Hickson.

Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets 'Unofficial' Top 15 in points as of July 7, 2012 
1. DARREN MCLENNAN...1144, 2. Mack DeMan...1085, 3. James Gray...1082, 4. Rob Neely...1067, 5. Corey Moesker...1062, 6. Todd Cresswell...972, 7. Adrian Stahle...954, 8. Jeff Blackburn...946, 9. David Balych...936, 10. Chris Holman...916, 11. Tom Kyle...907, 12. Chris Bauman...813, 13. Rob Divenanzo...720, 14. Dave Hickson...720, 15. Earl Caine...366.

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