Tillsonburg Outlaw's Race Series Heads Outdoors

Tillsonburg Outlaw's Race Series Heads Outdoors

Written by  Dave Chesterman on Wednesday, 17 May 2017 17:37

TILLSONBURG< ON (May 17, 2017)- The first outdoor race of the year was a nail biter as we waited to see if Mother Nature was helping us out with rain or cancelling us out. More than predicted rain fell but was followed by some nice sunshine.

The Beginners welcomed Carter Priem into their group and he got faster each time he hit the track. Allison Jackson, #31 again took the top spot followed by Zak Stewart, #27 with new comer Carter taking third.
The Box Stock division saw Chase Cameron, # 81 run his Shorty up to third in the group of eight. Paige Smith, #14 won the feature but Rayse Meyer, #93 took home the most points for the night with two wins and a second. Out for the first time were Morgan Schutz and Gerrard Nock.

The Opens started their night with Time Trials.

Holly Porter and Scott Chesterman were no real surprise to see up top but look at this. Rookie’s Warren Heckford and Nick Sheridan went third and fourth quick. We split the rookies up for the heats with half starting at the rear of either group. Syd Hess, # 69 won heat A, while Scott Chesterman, #34 won Heat B. The stage was set for a great 25 lap feature race using the time trials as the starting order.

Fastest to the front which usual results in the least chaos. Well, until the outside pole kart loses power going past the starter stand to complete lap 1. Unfortunely the field dropped by three as Syd Hess, Nick Sheridan and Dave Chesterman had to exit from resulting damage. After 15 laps, Rookies John Jackson Jr, #31 and Warren Heckford, #18 were running very well, Heckford was very fast and stayed with the leaders. About five more laps and he started to look tired and soon after was last seen leaving the track about five feet in the air. It was quite a show and he climbed out with a big smile.

Ken Pellizzari had his best finish ever with a fifth. John Jackson Jr ran well finishing fourth and his fast lap quicker than third place Scott Hall, #55s. Simply pulling faster lap times than the rest of the field, Scott Chesterman and Holly Porter took the top two spots.

Home racing takes a break for a couple weeks while the Opens make the big trip to THE spring Millbridge NC race.

Ontario racing resumes on June 6 2017 at Coyote Raceway.

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