#18 Canadian Vintage Modified racer Jason Keen in Victory Lane at FTMS. #18 Canadian Vintage Modified racer Jason Keen in Victory Lane at FTMS. Katie’s Race Car Photography

Full card plus Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Mods at Full Throttle Motor Speedway

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@FTMSpeedway • Even with the threat of rain Full Throttle Motor Speedway was the place to be on Saturday, June 4.  The “Georgian Bay Chemical” Jr. Late Models, Mini Trucks, Street Stock,Pure Trucks,Outlaw Late Model, Crazy Trains and Canadian Vintage Modifieds 25 laps were scheduled to battle it out.

The first class of cars to hit the track was the Georgian Bay Chemical” Jr. Late Models who were scheduled to run 15 laps.  Cody Wilds in the #14 from Exeter ON would jump out to an early lead.  However on lap eight #44 Jacob Campbell from Komoka passed the #14 and led right to the checkered flag. #14 Cody Wilds came in second.  Third went to the #15 of Kaisha Zimoch.  Fourth was Austin Arnel in the #29 from Thedford.  And #63 Cole Burrows from Guelph would come over the line in fifth. 

The first travelling class to visit us in 2016 was the Canadian Vintage Modifieds. Their first heat race would be led out by #29 Daryl Henwood from St.George.  Daryl would lead all ten laps of the Canadian Vintage Mod’s first heat.  Second would go to the #7 of Mike Williams.  And third was the #19 of Mike Westwood from Milton.

The Second Canadian Vintage Modified heat would be led out by the #25 of Cassidy March from London.  March would lead to lap seven when Jason Keen from Oakville would make the pass in his #18 car.  Keen would go on to win heat one.  Second was Cassidy March.  And rounding out the top three was #5 Mike Podd from Burlington.

The Mini Trucks came onto the track next for their first 20 lap feature.  Right out of the gates Kendra Cassidy from Cambridge ON would jump to the lead in her #75 truck.  However an early caution for the #49 of Hayden Sim Komoka having a mechanical problem let the #67 of Rick Basket from Clinton get past Kendra on the restart.  A lap 10 caution for the #75 of Kendra Cassidy due to a blown tire set up #88 Bubba Brown from Kitchener on the outside of row number one for the restart.  Bubba however could not get past the #67 and would come in second.  Third was the #44 of Jacob Campbell.  Fourth belonged to the #7 of Keenon Ash.

The Street Stocks who are always a fan favourite made their way onto the racing surface next for their first feature.  Immediately Billy Alderson, Jr. from Mount Forest would jump into the lead in his #18 car.  An early caution on lap three was no problem for Billy as he would hold the lead on the restart.  However lap nine would see the #27 of Jeff Hooper from Durham ON spin out of four bringing the caution out for the second time.  This restart proved to be a challenged due to #20 Ryan Edwards-Kiss from Londesboro and Mike Thebeau from Mitchell charging from behind.  Even with the tough competition Billy would lead the rest of the feature.  Second would go to Ryan Edwards-Kiss.  Third was the #17 Jared Gill from Waterloo.  Fourth was #1 Bob Parsons from Princeton.  And to round out the top was the #05 of Steve Brook from Hillsburgh.

The Pure Trucks would hit the speedway next for their first feature race.  #34 Tyler Arnold from New Hamburg would lead the field for six laps before Mike Becker in the #34 from Cambridge took the lead.  Mike led the truck to the checkered flag.  Second was Arnold.  Third belonged to the #07 of Keenon Ash.  Fourth was the #04 of Rick Book from Caster Center ON.  And to round out the top five was the #95 of Steve Schnurr. 

The Outlaw Late Models would take the spotlight next.  T.J. Edwards from Fergus would prove to be too much competition for the rest of the field as he would lead from start to finish.  Second belonged to the #11 of Cole Weber from New Hamburg.  Third was the #40 Mark Dixon from Durham ON.  Jeff Dafoe from Listowel  came over the line in fourth.  And #3 of Todd Dafoe from Listowel would round out the top five.

The always exciting Crazy Trains would be next to take to the speedway. Jim McTavish would be to much for the rest of the trains to handle as he would lead his train set around the speedway for all 12 laps.  Second would belong to the #12 of Mike Becker.  Third was the #13 John Bates and the “Rockford Rednecks”.  Fourth was the #34 of Tyler Arnold.  And fifth was the #95 “The Angry Birds” of Johnathon Bates.

After Intermission a threat of rain would force the Canadian Vintage Mods took the green flag for their 25 lap feature.  When the green flag flew #25 Cassidy March would take the lead and hold it until lap 10 when Jason Keen would take the lead.  A lap 11 caution for the #7 and the #25 would stack the field back up.  On the restart Keen would jump out to the lead and would lead to the checkers with major competition from the #57 of Steve Trendell from Fergus.  In the end Trendell would come second, third would go to the #92 of Brian Atkinson from Millgrove.  Fourth was the #5 Mike Podd from Burlington.  And #29 of Daryl Henwood would round out the top five.

The “Georgian Bay Chemical” Jr. Late Models would be next for their second feature.  Cody Wilds would jump out to an early lead but would lose control out of turn four and spin into the infield bringing out the caution.  On the restart #29 Austin Arnel would take the lead for two laps before #44 Jacob Campbell would take the lead.  The field would stay close together in a four car battle for the lead.  In the end Jacob Campbell would cross the line first.  Second was the #29 of Austin Arnel.  Third was the #15 of Kaisha Zimoch.  Fourth belonged to Cody Wilds.  And Cole Burrow would round out the top five.

The second Mini Truck feature would be a hard battle throughout the course of the race.  Immediately from the green flag Bubba Brown #88 would take the lead.  Rick Basket would pass him in the #67.  Jacob Campbell would then challenge the #67 and eventually get by him in lap 18 and win the feature.  #49 Hayden Sim came second.  Third was Rick Basket in the #67.  Fourth belonged to the #88 of Bubba Brown.  Rounding out the top five was the #75 of Kendra Cassidy.

The Pure Trucks were next onto the track.  #12 Mike Becker would lead the field to green.  Mike would have no problem holding off the rest of the field and took feature two.  Second was the #34 of Tyler Arnold.  Keenon Ash would round out the top three in the #07.

The Street Stock came next out of the pits for their second feature.  With one lap completed the caution would come out due to the #05 Steve Brook and the #29 Kevin McMillen would come together and spin in turn four.  When the green flag came back out Travis Farrow would battle the #20 around the track for the rest of the feature swapping positions and paint battling for the checkered flag.  When the checkered flag flew the #20 of Ryan Edwards-Kiss would take his first checkered flag of the year.  Travis Farrow would come in second.  Third was the #18 of Billy Alderson Jr. Fourth was the #17 of Jared Gill. And to round out the top five was #29 Kevin McMillen. 

The Outlaw Late Models would hurry onto the track to try and get their feature in before the rain fell.  In the pace laps coming out of turn two Cole Weber would suffer a mechanical failure and would be hit by the #3 of Todd Dafoe taking both cars out of the race.  When the green flag the new pole sitter Mark Dixon jumped to the lead and battled it out for all 20 laps with the #34 T.J. Edwards.  In the end Mark would bring the #40 in first.  Second was T.J. Edwards.  Third was the #85 Jeff Lotspeich from Rockwood.  Fourth was the #00 of Jeff Dafoe.  Fifth was the #4 of Bruce Hutchison from Palmerston.

The Crazy Trains would wrap up the evening.  In the action packed final feature which would see John Bates #13 and the #12 battle it out throughout the feature.  With the cars coming in contact throughout the feature and swinging into each other the fans were left to wonder who would win.  In the end the #13 “The Rockford Rednecks” would win.  Mike Becker would come in second.  “The Dragon Express” would take the third spot.  Fourth was the #95 “The Angry Birds”, and the #34 would round out the top five.

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