Keen Earns Third Vintage Modified Win of 2015 at Flamboro Photo Credit: Derek Smith

Keen Earns Third Vintage Modified Win of 2015 at Flamboro

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@VintageMods • @FlamboroSpdwy • MILLGROVE, Ont. (September 9, 2015) – Jason Keen (No.18 Oakville Automotive) stormed to his third victory of the season with the Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday night. Keen extended his point lead over second-place finisher Steve Trendell (No.57 Combined Auto & Truck Repair) to seven points in the process.

Dustin Hood (No.38 Doug's Suspension) and Cassidy March (No.25 H&M Auto) brought the 13-car field to the green flag for 25 laps. March grabbed the early lead via the outside lane while Hood was shuffled backward to the middle of the pack.

Jeremy Riopelle (No.88 Young Drivers of Canada) searched high and low for a way around March. Multiple attempts at a crossover move proved unsuccessful. With 11 laps complete, the battle continued to heat up at the front. TJ Marshall (No.15 Sweers Custom Painting) made an aggressive move to work past Riopelle for second, but made contact and send Riopelle spinning. Marshall was directed to restart at the rear of the field for rough driving.

The ensuing restart saw Keen and Trendell jump past March for the top two positions, respectively. Another caution at lap 17 brought the two drivers side-by-side. Trendell recorded an impressive restart and cleared Keen for the lead down the backstretch. Keen, however, took the room Trendell left on the bottom in turn three and protected the bottom the rest of the way on route to his third victory of the season. Trendell, Brian Atkinson (No.92b Performance Plus Automotive), March and Marshall completed the top-five in the running order.

In qualifying heat action, Keen claimed the first heat, holding off TJ Marshall and Riopelle in the process. The second heat saw Trendell earn the victory in a tightly contested affair with Ben Charbonneau after he used the outside lane to take over the point position.

The annual mechanic's race followed the night's main event. Nine cars took part in the mini race with Gary Colling driving the No.36 to victory ahead of his brother Glenn Colling in car No.88.

The Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modified Series returns to action next Saturday night on September 12 at Full Throttle Motor Speedway (formerly Varney Motor Speedway) for the second to last race of the season. Race time is 5:00pm and full event details will be available at

Complete Results

Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds – September 5, 2015 – Flamboro Speedway

Feature (25 Laps – 13 Entries): 1. 18 Jason Keen, 2. 57 Steve Trendell, 3. 92b Brian Atkinson, 4. 25 Cassidy March, 5. 15 TJ Marshall, 6. 88 Jeremy Riopelle, 7. 50 Joe Atkinson, 8. 5 Mike Podd, 936r Rick Schurr, 10. 99 Rick Jones, 11. 38 Dustin Podd, 12. 09b Brad Robertson, 13. 00 Ron Easton, 14. 2 Ben Charbonneau.

Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 18 Jason Keen, 2. 15 TJ Marshall, 3. 88 Jeremy Riopelle, 4. 00 Ron Easton, 5. 25 Cassidy March, 6. 5 Mike Podd, 7. 09b Brad Robertson.

Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 57 Steve Trendell, 2. 2 Ben Charbonneau, 3. 50 Joe Atkinson, 4. 99 Rick Jones, 5. 38 Dustin Hood, 6. 92b Brian Atkinson, 7. 36 Rick Schurr (DNS).

Mechanic's Race: 1. 36 Gary Colling, 2. 88 Glenn Colling, 3. 50 Shaun Pascoe, 4. 57 Dave Trendell, 5. 6 Tim Fox, 6. 2 Ryan Eade, 7. 38 Aaron Hood, 8. 09 Joe Robertson, 9. 18 Randy Keen, 10. 92 Ian Gibson, 11. 25 Mike March.

Point Standings as of September 6, 2015 (Top-10 – Includes Drop Night): 1. 18 Jason Keen 663 points, 2. 57 Steve Trendell 656, 3. 15 TJ Marshall/Steve Lyons 643; 4. 88 Jeremy Riopelle 630, 5. 2 Ben Charbonneau 614, 6. 92 Brian/Joe Atkinson/Sean Gibson 613, 7. 25 Cassidy March 579, 8. 38 Dustin Hood 509, 9. 36 00 Ron Easton/Jason Bowden 490, 10. Rich Schurr/Steve March 471.

Winners To Date (2015 Season): 4 – 15 TJ Marshall (August 15 – Flamboro Speedway, August 1 – Flamboro Speedway, July 24 – Delaware Speedway, July 11 – Flamboro Speedway); 2 – 18 Jason Keen (July 18 – Sunset Speedway, May 23 – Sunset Speedway); 1 – 15 Steve Lyons (August 22 – Sauble Speedway); 1 – 92 Brian Atkinson (July 4 – Sauble Speedway); 1 – 2 Ben Charbonneau (June 20 – Flamboro Speedway); 1 – 88 Jeremy Riopelle (May 16 – Flamboro Speedway).

Follow the Canadian Vintage Modifieds 2015 season on social media by following @VintageMods on Twitter and joining the series Facebook group, Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds.

The Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds 2015 season is presented by a number of important corporate partners, including: Lucas Oil, Creative Edge Signs and Graphics, B&B Decals, Flamboro Machine Shop, Wiersma Trucking, Young Drives of Canada, Georgetown Printing, MacMaster Buick GMC, Oakville Trailer & Auto Service, Oakville Auto and Diesel Machine Shop, Grisdale Racing Products, OKTANE Productions, and Clayton Johns Media.

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