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Marshall Continues To Roll With Second Straight Flamboro Win Photo Credit: Derek Smith /

Marshall Continues To Roll With Second Straight Flamboro Win

Written by  on Monday, 17 August 2015 13:22

@VintageMods • @flamborospdwy • FLAMBORO, Ont. (August 17, 2015) – TJ Marshall (No.15 Sweers Custom Painting) got the better of polesitter Ron Easton (No.00 Oakville Trailer & Auto Service) on a mid-race restart and led the remainder of the 25-lap feature to earn his fourth win of the season with the Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modified Series at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday night.

Easton sat on the front row with Dustin Hood (No.38 Doug’s Suspension) to start the main event of the evening for the Vintage Modifieds. A quick jump gave Easton the point, with Mike Podd (No.5 Grisdale Racing Products), Ben Charbonneau (No.2 Steve Scherer Chevrolet), and Steve Trendell (No.57 Combined Auto & Truck Repair) were in close pursuit.

The race was slowed just a couple of laps later when Mike Westwood (No.19m Georgetown) spun at the exit of turn two. Easton retained the lead on the restart, but it wasn’t as favourable for both Podd and Trendell, who were freightrained in the outside lane.

Easton continued to lead until the second caution of the race, again for a spun Westwood. The following restart allowed second-place runner Marshall to steal the lead from Easton. Keen filled the bottom lane as well to take second from Easton and set his sights on tracking down Marshall.

With Marshall and Keen checked out in front of the field, Easton suffered engine problems on the final lap. Jeremy Riopelle (No.88 Young Driver of Canada) narrowly averted contact with Riopelle and further disaster while racing the No.00 for third.

At the finish, Marshall claimed his fourth win in his last five starts. Keen’s second place finish allowed him to leapfrog Trendell for the lead in the championship standings by a slim margin of just two points.

In qualifying heat race action, Easton claimed heat one, narrowly edging Riopelle for the victory. Similarly in heat two, Marsall fended off Keen’s charge to earn a perfect night.

After two consecutive races at Flamboro, the scene shifts back to the shores of Lake Huron and Sauble Speedway on August 22. Brian Atkinson won the series only previous visit to the Hepworth, Ont. oval this season on July 4.

Complete Results

Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds – August 15, 2015 – Flamboro Speedway

Feature (25 Laps – 13 Entries): 1. 15 TJ Marshall, 2. 18 Jason Keen, 3. 88 Jeremy Riopelle, 4. 57 Steve Trendell, 5. 2 Ben Charbonneau, 6. 5 Mike Podd, 7. 25 Cassidy March, 8. 99 Rick Jones, 9. 38 Dustin Hood, 10. 92s Sean Gibson, 11. 09b Brad Robertson, 12. 00r Ron Easton (DNF), 13. 19m Mike Westwood (DNF).

Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 00r Ron Easton, 2. 88 Jeremy Riopelle, 3. 57 Steve Trendell, 4. 99 Rick Jones, 5. 5 Mike Podd, 6. 92s Sean Gibson.

Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 15 TJ Marshall, 2. 18 Jason Keen, 3. 2 Ben Charbonneau, 4. 25 Cassidy March, 5. 38 Dustin Hood, 6. 19m Mike Westwood, 7. 09b Brad Robertson.

Point Standings as of August 16 (Top-10): 1. 18 Jason Keen 586 points, 2. 57 Steve Trendell 584, 3. 88 Jeremy Riopelle 569, 4. 2 Ben Charbonneau 555, 5. 15 TJ Marshall/Steve Lyons 543, 6. 92

Brian/Joe Atkinson/Sean Gibson 491, 7. 25 Cassidy March 455, 8. 38 Dustin Hood 400, 9. 36 Rich Schurr/Steve March 389, 10. 00 Ron Easton/Jason Bowden 375.

Winners To Date (2015 Season): 4 – 15 TJ Marshall (August 15 – Flamboro Speedway, August 1 – Flamboro Speedway, July 24 – Delaware Speedway, July 11 – Flamboro Speedway); 2 – 18 Jason Keen (July 18 – Sunset Speedway, May 23 – Sunset Speedway); 1 – 92 Brian Atkinson (July 4 – Sauble Speedway); 1 – 2 Ben Charbonneau (June 20 – Flamboro Speedway); 1 – 88 Jeremy Riopelle (May 16 – Flamboro Speedway).

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