AUTO CLEARING MOTOR SPEEDWAY: May 26, 2012 Report & Results

AUTO CLEARING MOTOR SPEEDWAY: May 26, 2012 Report & Results

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SASKATOON, SK - The first night race of the season was sunny and cool but the action on the track was hot.

The pro truck and thunder stock divisions were back for their second event while the super late models were out for their first race of the season. In time trials the 70 of Trent Seidel set a new track record with a 14.360 lap, beating the previous record by .008.

In the first race of the night the pro trucks took to the track, Wade Wohlford jumped out to an early lead while the pack battled amongst themselves to try and catch him. With 9 laps to go the 12 of Aaron Deagnon spins in the middle of turns 3 and 4, the 93 of Neil Schneider is unable to avoid him causing the two trucks to collide. Both trucks are able to continue after quick pit stops to repair the damages. Alex Leschenko's 01 continues to be plagued with mechanical issues and he retired to the pits before the race was over. Back on track the remaining trucks had a fierce battle to the finish with Wade Wohlford's 14 holding off Bill Zubrecki in the 18 and the 8 of Andy Clewes.

The first heat in the thunder division had the 66 of Brent Dupuis charging to the front in 3 laps leaving the rest of the pack battling for second place. Mike Rea in the 18 took those honors while the 7 of “pink” Floyd Ransom brought it home 3rd. Barry Stefaniuk was driving the 3 car, the first 2 seat thunder stock to grace the pavement at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. New for 2012 the fans can have a chance to ride along with Barry in a thunder stock race, if you think the action is intense from the stands just wait until you're IN the action.

The third race of the night showed just how anxious the late model drivers were to get back on the track after the long off-season. The 38 of Dave Bone took the early lead, the pack was so tight that passing was tough making for some impatient drivers. Five laps in the first caution came out after contact between the 88 of Jason Gervais and the 70 of Trent Seidel made contact. The 88 headed to pit road for a fender repair but was able to make it back out before the restart. Unfortunately only 1 lap after the green Ken Campbell's engine let go in his 20 car bringing out a lengthy caution to clean up the track. The action was far from over for the rest of the gang, contact between the 77 of Greg Vangool and Howard Crossman in the 56 caused Ken Ross to spin his 67 car, once again bringing out a caution. The final restart was a dash to the checkers and the 38 of Dave Bone held off the 70 of Trent Seidel and the 55 of Jim Gaunt.

Heat 2 for the pro trucks saw Shantel Firth get her 49 truck to the front early and leave the rest of the class in her dust. Ben Pogoda tried to chase her down in his 50 truck but the 27 of Scott Lucas tracked him down and passed him with 3 laps to go and that's how they would cross the stripe.

Next the thunders were back on track for their second race of the night. Don Pagoda the infield announcer is the first passenger to test out the second seat in Barry Stefaniuk's 3 car. He gives a play by play during the race in an attempt to give the fans an idea of the intensity. Not wanting Don to steal their thunder the class gets back to their bump and grind roots. Mike Rea takes the lead in his 18 car but with 5 laps to go the 66 of Brent Dupuis gets past him. The 7 of Floyd Ransom makes a last lap pass on the 42 car driven by the Sheetka girls to take third.

In the second late model heat race Trevor Hannay jumps out to an early lead in his 44 car with the 77 of Greg Vangool in hot pursuit while the rest of the pack fights for 3rd. With 3 laps to go the caution comes out when the 14 of Glen Hertzke spins, he suffers no damage and is able to rejoin the field. In the final laps Trevor Hannay's 44 is able to hold off a hard charging 70 driven by Trent Seidel, Greg Vangool brings it home in 3rd.

The first feature race of the night was a 50 lap event showcasing more tight racing action in the pro truck division. The 14 of Wade Wohlford takes the early lead but 5 laps in and Shantel Firth puts her 49 truck out front once again. On lap 11 Ben Pagoda's 50 gets together with the 14 truck causing a spin that brings out the first caution and sending both trucks to the back. When the race resumes the top 4 trucks break away from the pack until the 14 of Wade Wohlford blows a transmission, the caution comes out for a quick track clean up.

The green flag flies and the action continues, with 16 laps to go the 27 of Scott Lucas gets the lead and doesn't look back. Shantel Firth manages to hold onto 2nd with her 49 truck, the 18 of Bill Zubrecki finished in 3rd after running in the top 3 all race. The 50 of Ben Pagoda managed to get back to 4th after coming from the back and Neil Schneider rounded out the top 5 in his 93 machine.

The 30 lap thunder feature was up next, the 3 of Barry Stefaniuk had a fan named Marshal in the passengers seat and he promised to help Barry navigate. Nicole Sheetka didn't need a navigator in her 42 car, she led the boys for the first 4 laps until the 66 of Brent Dupuis once again went to the front. On lap 6 the caution came out for a spin by Ryan Fredrickson's 22 car. Logan Derkson debuted a new 76 car, but he doesn't have it dialed in just yet and found himself backwards in turn 1.

He was able to get going before the caution came out but unfortunately for him on lap 13 his exhaust decided it was done for the night, that brought out a caution for debris. When the race resumed the fans were in for a great battle for second place as the 42 of Nicole Sheetka and the 18 of Mike Rea swapped places numerous times. In the end Nicole pulled off an excellent last lap pass and was able to hold Mike off as he attempted a bump and run coming out of turn 4. The 66 of Brent Dupuis was the first to the checkers making it 3 for 3 and sending him to the top of the points standings. The 7 of Floyd Ransom finished 4th and Ryan Fredrickson brought home 5th in his 22 car.

The last race of the night was the super late model feature and after several cautions in their first two races they went caution free for 40 laps. The 55 of Jim Gaunt took an early lead and left the 67 of Ken Ross to fight off the pack. Ten laps in the 70 of Trent Seidel and the 14 of Glen Hertzke break free and begin tracking the 55 down. With 22 laps to go Trent Seidel drives his 70 car to the lead and the 14 of Glen Hertzke battles with and eventually overtakes the 55 of Jim Gaunt for second. Greg Vangool brings the 77 across the line for 4th, followed closely by Dave Bone in the 38.

RESULTS: Saturday, May 26, 2012

SKL Trailers Pro Truck Division

Heat Race:

1. #14 Wade Wohlford

2. #18 Bill Zubrecki

3. #8 Andy Clewes

4. #27 Scott Lucas

5. #49 Shantel Firth

6. #50 Ben Pogoda

7. #89 Jim Goodlad

8. #19 Rylan Utigard

9. #5 Debra Newnham

10. #93 Neil Schneider

11. #12 Aaron Deagnon

12. #01 Alex Leschenko

Qualifier Race:

1. #49 Shantel Firth

2. #27 Scott Lucas

3. #50 Ben Pogoda

4. #18 Bill Zubrecki

5. #14 Wade Wohlford

6. #8 Andy Clewes

7. #5 Debra Newnham

8. #19 Rylan Utigard

9. #89 Jim Goodlad

10. #12 Aaron Deagnon

11. #93 Neil Schneider

12. #01 Alex Leschenko (DNS)

SKL Trailer Pro Truck 50 Lap Feature Race:

1. #27 Scott Lucas

2. #49 Shantel Firth

3. #18 Bill Zubrecki

4. #50 Ben Pogoda

5. #93 Neil Schneider

6. #89 Jim Goodlad

7. #5 Debra Newnham

8. #8 Andy Clewes

9. #19 Rylan Utigard

10. #12 Aaron Deagnon

11. #14 Wade Wohlford

12. #01 Alex Leschenko (DNS)

Cooper Tire Thunder Stock Division

Heat Race:

1. #66 Brent Dupuis

2. #18 Mike Rea

3. #7 Floyd Ransom

4. #22 Ryan Fredrickson

5. #17 Curtis Moore

6. #42 Kelsy & Nicole Sheetka

7. #76 Logan Derkson

8. #3 Barry Stefaniuk

Qualifier Race:

1. #66 Brent Dupuis

2. #18 Mike Rea

3. #7 Floyd Ransom

4. #42 Kelsy & Nicole Sheetka

5. #76 Logan Derkson

6. #17 Curtis Moore

7. #22 Ryan Fredrickson

8. #3 Barry Stefaniuk

Cooper Tire Thunder Stock 30 Lap Feature Race

1. #66 Brent Dupuis

2. #42 Kelsy & Nicole Sheetka

3. #18 Mike Rea

4. #7 Floyd Ransom

5. #22 Ryan Fredrickson

6. #17 Curtis Moore

7. #76 Logan Derkson

8. #3 Barry Stefaniuk

WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Model Division

Time Trials (seconds):

1. #70 Trent Seidel, 14.360 (Track Record)

2. #14 Glen Hertzke, 14.468

3. #77 Greg Vangool, 14.563

4. #55 Jim Gaunt, 14.730

5. #44 Trevor Hannay, 14.783

6. #67 Ken Ross, 14.895

7. #56 Howard Crossman, 14.895

8. #88 Jason Gervais, 15.220

9. #22 Doug Bienia, 15.242

10. #38 Dave Bone, 15.372

11. #20 Ken Campbell, 15.400

Heat Race:

1. #38 Dave Bone

2. #70 Trent Seidel

3. #55 Jim Gaunt

4. #14 Glen Hertzke

5. #77 Greg Vangool

6. #56 Howard Crossman

7. #44 Trevor Hannay

8. #67 Ken Ross

9. #88 Jason Gervais

10. #22 Doug Bienia

11. #20 Ken Campbell

Qualifier Race:

1. #44 Trevor Hannay

2. #70 Trent Seidel

3. #77 Greg Vangool

4. #67 Ken Ross

5. #55 Jim Gaunt

6. #56 Howard Crossman

7. #38 Dave Bone

8. #14 Glen Hertzke

9. #22 Doug Bienia

10. #20 Ken Campbell (DNS)

11. #88 Jason Gervais (DNS)

WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Model 40 Lap Feature:

1. #70 Trent Seidel

2. #14 Glen Hertzke

3. #55 Jim Gaunt

4. #77 Greg Vangool

5. #38 Dave Bone

6. #56 Howard Crossman

7. #22 Doug Bienia

8. #67 Ken Ross

9. #88 Jason Gervais

10. #44 Trevor Hannay

11. #20 Ken Campbell (DNS)



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