Erick Rudolph in Victory Lane at New Humberstone Speedway Erick Rudolph in Victory Lane at New Humberstone Speedway photo: Soft Touch Photo

All Canadian Championships Report from Humberstone Speedway

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PORT COLBORNE, ON-  Erick Rudolph, Gary Lindberg, Rob Ledingham, James Thompson, Tyler Lafantaisie, Sam Pennacchio, and Kyle Tomaski All Score All Canadian Championship Triumphs at New Humberstone Speedway.

Third generation driver Erick Rudolph from Ransomville, NY was victorious in the DIRTcar Modified feature as part of the All Canadian Championships presented by Rankin Construction. Gary Lindberg from Ridgeway, Ontario picked up his sixth Cosco Haulage DIRTcar Sportsman feature of the 2013 season. "The Roadrunner" Rob Ledingham picked up his second win of the season in the Peters Excavating UMP/DIRTcar Late Models.  James Thompson from St. Catharines, Ontario picked up his third J.C. Auto Street Stocks feature of the season while Tyler Lafantaisie from Welland, Ontario picked up his second straight Trackside Decals Mini Stocks feature. Sam Pennacchio from Niagara Falls, Ontario claimed his second Mike Knapp Ford Pro 4 Truck feature of the season. Kyle Tomaski from Dain City, Ontario ended Sam Iftody's six race win streak in the Frontier Auto Dismantler Pure Stocks.   Red Boss Pyrotechnics lit up the Port Colborne sky and welcomed in the Civic Holiday weekend. Steel City put on a great show for the fans after the race. All race winners are now entered at a chance to win $100,000 during the Safecracker 100 in September.

Mike Bowman and Tommy Flannigan led the DIRTcar Modifieds to the green flag for their feature event and it was Bowman showing the way early. Ryan Susice got loose in turn one and several cars got collected in the melee. All cars involved were able to continue on racing.

On the restart, Bowman jumped into the lead over Flannigan, Mat Williamson, Erick Rudolph and Dale Planck racing in the top five. Rudolph was able to get around Flannigan for second as Williamson cleared Flannigan for third and then Rudolph went to the outside of Bowman and took over the race lead on lap four. "The Natural" Dale Planck would pass Flannigan for fourth place in his Page Trucking 7z ride for Mike Payne Racing. Freddie Carleton would pass Flannigan for fifth place just before the races one-third point. Rudolph continued to show the way over Bowman, Williamson, Planck and Carleton at the races halfway point as Rudolph's lead was a full straightaway over Bowman's RYCO racer.

Erick Rudolph would pull away from Mike Bowman to claim his third Modified feature of the season. Mat Williamson would hold off Dale Planck to cross the line in third. Chad Brachmann passed Freddie Carleton to complete the top five.

"The car handled pretty well tonight and was glad to race and win at the greatest spectacle in Southern Ontario racing" stated Rudolph in victory lane

Cody McPherson and Brad Rouse led the Cosco Haulage DIRTcar Sportsman to the green flag and it was McPherson showing the way. Brad Rouse went underneath McPherson to take over the race lead on lap three. Divisional point's leader Gary Lindberg passed Darrell Farraway to move into the top five on lap five and then went to work on Justin Sharp for fourth place. Mike Bosse brought out the first caution on lap 11. On the restart, Rouse pulled away as Willard got around his cousin for second place. Willard went underneath Rouse to take over the race lead on lap 14. Gary Lindberg got around Sharp to move into fourth place as the cross flags were displayed.

Yellow lights came back on as Brad Rouse suffered mechanical problems on lap 18. On the restart, Willard continued to show the way over his cousin McPherson as Lindberg went to work on the defending Mr. DIRTcar Sportsman champ McPherson for second place. Lindberg went to the outside groove as he tried to reel in race leader Willard and Lindberg took over the lead on lap 26.

Gary Lindberg would hold off Willard and McPherson to claim his sixth feature of the season. Justin Sharp would finish in fourth and Greg Panunte would complete the top five.

"It's nice to finally get the All Canadian after getting wrecked last year" stated Lindberg in victory lane. "It was a split second decision to get to the outside and pass BJ (Willard)" Lindberg continued.

Rob Ledingham and Jorden Peters led the Peters Excavating Late Models to the green flag for their 20 lap feature event and it was Ledingham showing the way. Qualifying winner Charlie Sendercock went three wide with Rob Pietz and Jorden Peters for second place. Sendercock then went to work on Jorden Peters for second but Peters would keep his runner up spot. Sendercock was able to move into second place on lap five but Peters would regain the runner up spot just one lap later. Ledingham would continue to show the way at the halfway point with Peters and Sendercock continuing their battle for second with Paul Grigsby and Matt Vanderlinden battling for fourth place. The caution would come out on lap 13 for Dean Ferri and Rob Pietz who both spun in turn three. On the restart, Ledingham would pull away from Peters and Sendercock as Vanderlinden passed Grigsby for fourth place.

"The Roadrunner" Rob Ledingham would pull away to pick up his second win of the season. Jorden Peters would finish in second and was followed to the line by Charlie Sendercock, Matt Vanderlinden and Paul Grigsby completing the top five

Ryan Turner and Jason Fontaine were on the front row for the J.C. Auto Street Stocks feature and it was "the Fonz" showing the way. Turner was leading Kevin Knapp, Brother Cory Turner and Lee Winger. A hard hit on the back stretch occurred after Mike Greene and Rob Murray got hooked together and several cars had no where to go. All drivers were reported to be okay and all walked away under their own power.

Under the red flag, race leader Jason Fontaine and third place Cory Turner had problems and had to go to the pits. Fontaine was the only one able to continue racing.

Kevin Knapp and Ryan Turner inherited the front row and it was Knapp showing the way. Turner and James Thompson went three wide into turn one but Knapp was able to keep his advantage. Turner would continue to work on the outside and on lap seven, Turner would regain the lead with Thompson racing in second place. James Thompson and Ryan Turner would battle for the lead as Lee Winger moved into third place. Thompson would move into the lead on lap 12.

The caution would come out on lap 18 for debris, setting up a seven lap shootout for the win. On the restart, Thompson would take the lead with Turner running in second. Bill Bleich Jr spun in turns one and two to slow the field down one more time on lap 19. On the restart, Ryan Turner went to the outside and passed Thompson for the race lead. Thompson would regain the lead on lap 21 as Brad Sheehan moved into third place in the late going. The lead duo would battle for the lead and swapped and off of turn four on the last lap.

Thompson would win over Turner, Sheehan, Winger and Fontaine

"We raced each other clean and I had the run off four and beat (Ryan) Turner back to the line" stated Thompson in victory lane.

Rob Goulding and Tyler Lafantaisie led the Trackside Decals Mini Stocks for their 25 lap feature go and it was Lafantaisie leading lap number one over Kyle Rothwell. Rothwell went underneath Lafantaisie for the race lead but Rob Goulding was able to re take second place on lap five. Evan Curtis moved into fourth place after passing Rob Overholt. Lafantaisie was able to pull away from the field as Goulding, Rothwell and Evan Curtis battled for second. After a mid-race spin by Katie Cosco, Lafantaisie would continue to show the way over Rothwell, Curtis, Goulding and Dave Small in the top five. The leaders almost went three wide for the race lead on lap 17 and Evan Curtis moved into second. Brandon Iudiciani spun in turn four to bring out the caution on lap 21. On the restart, Lafantaisie would pull away from Curtis but Curtis went right to the back bumper of Lafantaisie but Lafantaisie would go back to victory lane for the second time this season.

Hilary Haegens and Taylor Vanderzanden led the Mike Knapp Ford Pro 4 Trucks to the green flag and it was Hilary leading the opening circuit ahead of her brother Greg. Sam Pennacchio passed Greg Haegens to move into second place as Colton Ledingham passed outside pole sitter Vanderzanden to move into fourth on lap five. Pennacchio would take over the race lead on lap six. Taylor Vanderzanden got around Greg Haegens for third as Mike Toovey entered the top five. After Danny Wurster and Colton Ledingham came together in turn one setting up a two lap shootout, Sam Pennacchio would lead Hilary Haegens on the restart and Hilary went underneath Pennacchio but Pennacchio would keep the lead as the white flag flew. Pennacchio would drive on to the win over Hilary Haegens.

Marcel Beauregard and Kyle Tomaski started on the front row for the Frontier Auto Dismantlers Pure Stocks feature event and it was Beauregard taking the lead. Tomaski would take over the lead on lap three but lost the lead on lap five back to Beauregard. Tomaski would regain the lead on lap eight as Sam Iftody entered the top five after rebounding from an earlier spin entered the top five. Sam Iftody wasted no time to move into second on lap 12 and began his chase of race leader Kyle Tomaski. Marcel Beauregard spun in turn two to set up a green white checkered finish. Iftody tried to go underneath Tomaski but Tomaski would hold off Iftody for the win.

HUMBERSTONE NOTES: Car count report for Sunday August 4th : 18 DIRTcar Modifieds, 30, DIRTcar Sportsman, 13 Late Models, 26, Street Stocks, 12 Pro 4 Trucks, 27 Mini Stocks and 11 Pure Stocks for a total of  137 cars pitside, the highest so far in the 2013 season at the Port Colborne oval. The final checkered flag of the night flew at 10: pm.

Racing returns to the Port Colborne oval on Sunday August 11th as Tidyman Maintenance and Port Colborne Laundry presents Topless Night. The Ontario Topless Sprints, Late Models and Sportsman will all run without their roofs (or wings). Those three divisions will be joined by the Street Stocks, Pro 4 Trucks, Mini Stocks and Pure Stocks plus an Eve of Destruction Figure 8 race.  Gates will open at 4:00pm for both the pits and the grandstands and racing will begin at 6:00pm sharp.

The New Humberstone Speedway would like to thank all the new and returning Weekly Series Sponsors: Cosco Haulage (DIRTcar Sportsman), Peters Excavating (UMP/DIRTcar Pro Late Models), J.C. Auto (Street Stocks), Mike Knapp Ford (Pro 4 Trucks), Trackside Decals (Mini Stocks) and Frontier Auto Dismantlers (Pure Stocks).

The New Humberstone Speedway is located just two miles East of Port Colborne on Highway 3, just 17 miles west of the US/Canadian Border at the Peace Bridge (Buffalo/Fort Erie). For more information, please visit us on the World Wide Web at as well as follow us on Twitter @NewHumberstone and like us on Facebook. Don't forget to bring your portable FM radios and listen to all the action on 90.3FM. You can also call the speedway at (905) 834-4002 or the speedway office at Cosco Haulage (905) 935-2886


DIRTcar Modifieds: ERICK RUDOLPH, Mike Bowman, Mat Williamson, Dale Planck, Chad Brachmann, Fred Carleton, Robbie Krull, Tommy Flannigan, Chad Chevalier, Bill Bleich Sr, Justin Wright, Tyler McPherson, Kenny Winfield, Pete Cosco, Chris Steele, Ryan Susice, and Brett Clarke

Scramble Winner:  Mike Bowman

Qualifying Winners: Justin Wright, Chad Chevalier

Cosco Haulage DIRTcar Sportsman: GARY LINDBERG, BJ Willard, Cody McPherson, Justin Sharp, Greg Panunte, Adam Leslie, James Michael Friesen, Austin Wood, Darrell Farraway, Adam Hilton, AJ Lewis, Joey Mastrioanni, Brian Schmidt, Jeff Armstrong, Jason Moore, Robert Baker, Travis Miller, Matt Sharpe, Ron MacAuley, Derek Hodge, Michael Bosse, Gord McIntosh, Chris Bellamy and Brad Rouse  Did Not Qualify: Pat Sonnenberg, Chad Brown, Tony Cowell, Paul Williamson, Jordan Cosco

Scramble Winners: Cody McPherson, Brad Rouse

Qualifying Winners: Mike Bosse, Ray Hodge

Peters Excavating UMP/DIRTcar Late Models: ROB LEDINGHAM, Jorden Peters, Charlie Sendercock, Matt Vanderlinden, Paul Grigsby, Luke Carleton, Tim Gillespie, Kenny Winfield, Rob Pietz, Dean Ferri, Paul Reichel, Rick Baker and Mark Czuba

Scramble Winner: Rob Ledingham

Qualifying Winner: Charlie Sendercock

J.C. Auto Street Stocks: JAMES THOMPSON, Ryan Turner, Brad Sheehan, Lee Winger, Jason Fontaine, Kevin Knapp, Paul Reichel, Steve Robison, Jake Brown, Bryce Richardson, Rob Disher, Bill Bleich Jr, Rob Wichert, Shawn Wilson, Marcel Michauld, Chris Duchesne, Vince Fargnoli, Terry Ronning, Doug Crawford, Cory Turner, Rob Murray, John Babion, Dale Gyokery, and Mike Greene Did Not Qualify: Rick Moreash, Robbie General

Scramble Winners: Ryan Turner, Jason Fontaine

Qualifying Winners: Brad Sheehan, Steve Robison

Mike Knapp Ford Pro 4 Trucks: SAM PENNACCHIO, Hilary Haegens, Taylor Vanderzanden, Mike Toovey, Greg Haegens, Rick Book, Andy Imbeault, Adam Nichols, Danny Wurster, Colton Ledingham, Jamie Ayers and Craig Vlasic

Scramble Winner:  Hilary Haegens

Qualifying Winner: Colton Ledingham

Trackside Decals Mini Stocks: TYLER LAFANTAISIE, Evan Curtis, Rob Goulding, Rob Overholt, Kyle Rothwell, Kyle Pelrine, Dave Small, Dillan Sliter, Chris Laskey, Kurtis Wiley, Leroy Buscumb, Dan Erskine, Greg Wilson, Jocelyn Wiley, Nate Monahan, Garnet Wilson, Chris Sheppard, Kameron Kocarik, Katie Cosco, Baden Curtis, Brandon Janssens, Brandon Iudiciani, Brandon Boychuck and Bob Gill Did Not Qualify: Riley Greer, Jon Janssens, Jade Pelletier

Scramble Winners: Rob Goulding, Tyler Lafantaisie

Qualifying Winners: Brandon Janssens, Nate Monahan

Frontier Auto Dismantlers Pure Stocks: KYLE TOMASKI, Sam Iftody, Brad Alward, Marcel Beauregard, Olivier Larocque, Mason Smith, Geoff Gingras, Billy Smith, Chris "Stormin" Anderson, Brad Booker and Dave Larocque

Scramble Winner: Marcel Beauregard

Qualifying Winner: Mason Smith


Contact –– Steven Petty/ Director of Public Relations- New Humberstone Speedway

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Humberstone Speedway (905) 834-4002)




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