Andy Lloyd celebrates his first Modified win in Brockville Speedway's Victory Lane Andy Lloyd celebrates his first Modified win in Brockville Speedway's Victory Lane photo: Andy Lloyd

Andy Lloyd Earns First Career Modified Win at Brockville

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Brockville Speedway/ August 3, 2013- It was a huge night of racing as three features from the previous week were slated to go along with a full program in all five divisions plus the second appearance of the year for the TUSA Mod Lite Series.

In the Sportsman event held over from July 27, Kurtis Lee took advantage of his outside pole position to grab the lead at the drop of the green flag over Jason Shipclark, Bruce Makinson, Doug O'Blenis and Dana Aikins. Lee would lead the opening six laps until the first csution flew for Shipclark who spun his machine in Turn 2.

The green came back out and Lee was still in control but the red flag would fly quickly one lap later. Ryan Poole slammed the outside wall collecting Jonathan Ferguson, Ryan Comeau and Thomas Cook leaving the track completely blocked. All drivers were able to climb out of their cars uninjured. When the green came back out Lee continued his march towards a possible first ever win but points leader Shane Pecore was on the charge.

After starting 16th he quickly made his way to second with 10 laps to go. Pecore eventually ran down the leader and take the lead away on lap 20. Once in front it was no contest as Shane Pecore would record his sixth win of the year over Lee, Chris Herbison, Dana Aikins, and Bruce Makinson.

In the held over Rookie feature Josh Kirkland marched from his sixth starting spot to grab the lead on Lap 3 of the 15 lap event. Kirkland was on a mission as he pulled out to a comfortable advantage over Tyson Slinger, Mike Best, Quincy Roberts and Corbin Miller.

The yellow would fly on lap 10 as Scott McGill slowed with problems in Turn 2. On the final restart Kirkland held on to the top spot and would not be challenged the rest of the way scoring his second win of the season over Slinger, Roberts, Mike Best and Samantha Henderson.

The first Rookie Sportsman feature was ready for battle as well on this night. Josh Powers and Jasmine David started on the front row and Powers took the top spot away as Jasmine David and Chris Bakker completed the top thee early on.

Powers and David battled for the lead in the first foru laps until David suffered a flat left rear tire forcing her pitside. Powers began to pull away but the man on the mover was Tristan Draper.

Having won three times this year Draper was on the charge in the final eight laps but he would come up a car length short as Powers charged to his first ever win in the Rookie Sportsman class over Draper. Chris Bakker, Jamie Young and Richard Raison rounded out the top five.

The TUSA Mod Lite Series was set to go next for 25 laps. Mathieu Robinson led the opening five laps of the event until Eric Desilet took over the top spot on Lap 6.

Desilet struggled for a 10th place finish the night before at Mohawk and was charging hard until the first yellow flew for Joel Hargrave and Dean Pronovost as they spun in Turn 4. On the restart Desilet was still the man to beat but Joel Hargrave's problems went from bad to worse as he blew a motor in Turn 3, laying down fluid on the race track which collected four other drivers including Brad Reif who had to be towed off the speedway.

Desilet continued his drive to a possible win but Paul Klager was starting to make some noise. Klager patiently work his way to second and on lap 21 would steal the lead away and his second TUSA Series win at Brockville the season. Jeff May, Eric Desilet, Mathieu Robinson and Rejean Lemieux completed the top five.

In Street stock action Danny Mocibob used his outside pole starting position to grab the top spot away from Selena Simzer as the field headed off into Turn 1. Mocibob returned to victory lane last season and finally had his car working perfectly on this night as he held the top spot for the first eight laps until two caution flags slowed the field on Laps 8 and 9.

When the green returned Mocibob was still in control of the race but the driver on the move was Pascal Racette. After starting ninth he made his way to second past points leader Kevin Fettery Jr., and was in hot pursuit of the leader. Heading into Turn 4 on the white flag lap, Racette drover deep into Turn 3 using the slide job to take the top spot away for good and cruise to his second career win and first ever at Brockville. Danny Mocibob, Kevin Fetterly Jr., Todd Raabe and Darrick Eaton finished out the top five.

The 358 Modified division was in store for one of the most emotional wins in quite sometime as Andy Lloyd used his pole position to grab the early lead in the 30 lap affair with Dave Austin, Joe Banks, John Mulder and Bobby Herrington completing the top five.

Lloyd was running hard on the outside groove as he pulled out to a half straight away lead over the rest of the field.

The yellow flew on Lap 9 for Travis Stacey who spun in Turn 3 collecting 10 time track champion Danny O'Brien.

Stacey was able to continue on but O'Brien limped to the pits done for the night. When the green flew again

Lloyd charged out to the lead but all eyes were on Bobby Herrington. After last weeks controversial finish Herrington was determined to get to victory lane as he battled wheel-to-wheel for the next four laps with Lloyd as the field worked the back stretch until lap 13 when Lee Miller spun off Turn 3.  

When the green flew, Herrington was working the bottom groove perfectly and the two Kingston area natives put on a great side by side battle for the top spot over the next 10 laps of the race.

Lloyd was fearless on this night as he nearly jumped the cushion in Turn 4 but stayed in the gas to clear Herrington with just five laps to go. In the closing laps the handling went south on Herrington's machine as Lloyd pulled away to nearly a straightaway lead.

It had been almost 10 year since Andy Lloyd turn his first competitive lap and on this night he would lead every circuit in the 30 lap contest to score his first ever 358 Modified win. Herrington settled for second with Tim O'Brien coming home third. Kyle Dingwall and Pat O'Brien rounded out the top five.

In the Sportsman nightcap Kurtis Lee picked up right where he left off in the first race by jumping to the top spot early on over Jason Shipclark, Bruce Makinson, Doug O'Blenis and Steve Barber. Lee was well in control for the field through the first half of the 25 lap event as he held a straightaway advantage.

Dylan Evoy was the driver on the move in this event.

After starting 10th he made his way to the number two position passing Jason Shipclark and was on a mission to catch Kurtis Lee. Evoy closed in heading through Turn 1 but provided and exciting moment as he hit a bump entering the turn putting the car up on two wheels but still managed to catch the leader.

On lap 16 Evoy jumped to the bottom and grabbed the lead as the top two entered Turn 3. Once in front Evoy made it look very easy as he held the top spot by over a straightaway over Lee, Chris Herbison, Jason Shipclark and Bruce Makinson.

With the race going caution free, nobody had a chance of catching Evoy as he put all the bad luck behind him for his first win of the season followed by Lee, who recorded his second straight runner up finish. Herbison, Shipclark and Bruce Makinson completed the top five.

The Rookie division was set for the second event in the Jiffy Muffler Rookie Series. Kurtis Daye and Randy Massey brought the field to the stripe but it was Tyson Slinger getting the early advantage as he continued his impressive run on this night.

After a runner up finish he battled with points leader Quincy Roberts in the opening five laps until the yellow flew for Kurtis Daye as he slowed off Turn 2. When the green flew Roberts was up to the task as he took the top spot away, bringing Joe McNichols to second as Slinger Randy Massey and Dave Watchorn rounded out the top five.

The next caution flew for Justin Desrosiers who slowed in Turn 4. On the restart Roberts was running hard as he opened up a commanding lead on the rest of the field. Roberts Eventually built up a half track lead and would make it look very easy as he recorded his third win of the year and first in the Jiffy Muffler Series.

Cornwall invader Mike Gaucher came home 2second, McNichols, Dave Watchorn and Mohawk invader Darryl Mitchell rounded out the top five.

The Rookie Sportsman was the ninth and final event of the night.

Much like the first race it was a battle between Josh Powers and Jasmine David. Powers led the opening three laps but David was able to grab the top spot away and pull out to a five car length lead. David has been close to getting victory lane several times and she was determined to get there on this night.

Despite several late caution flags and a one lap shootout to the finish, Jasmine David scored her first ever win in the Rookie Sportsman class. Powers settled for a runner up finish while Tristan Draper, Patrick Lanthier and Richard Raison made up the top five at the checkers.

Next week a full program is set to go plus the Sportsman 5 star dash sponsored by Bangma Concrete Pumping and Bangma Masonry. The first green flag drops at 7pm.

Sportsman-7/27: SHANE PECORE, Kurtis Lee, Chris Herbison, Dana Aikins, Bruce Makinson, Jon Mills, Dylan Evoy, Doug O'Blenis, Jessica Power, Steve Barber, Aaron Pugh, Tabatha Murphy, Billy Cook, Jason Cummings, Sheldon Hoogwerf, Kenny Polite, Ryan Comeau, Jason Shipclark, Jonathan Ferguson, Ryan Poole, Thomas Cook, (DNS) Brian Comeau and Steve Savoie

Rookie Sportsman-7/27: JOSH POWERS, Tristan Draper, Chris Bakker, Jamie Young, Richard Raison, Jasmine David, (DNS) Jeremy Coulter

Rookie-7/27: JOSH KIRKLAND, Tyson Slinger, Quincy Roberts, Mike Best, Samantha Henderson, Corbin Miller, Scott McGill, Kurtis Daye, Mike McGonegal, Brad Banks, Tim Rhoden, Colin Tracey, Cody McEroy, (DNS) Geneva Sheffield, Marc Matthais, Bob Ray, Robert Farrell, Natacha Lebrun, Jamie Truelove and Ron Day

358 Modified: ANDY LLOYD, Bobby Herrington, Tim O'Brien, Kyle Dingwall, Pat O'Brien, Lee Gill, Joe Banks, Bryan Rogers, John Mulder, Jason Riddell, Michel Chicoine, Lee Ladouceur, Luke Stewart, Stephane Lafrance, Jeff Ciglich, Adam Moore, Ryan Arbuthnot, Roger Levesque, Dave Austin, Lee Miller, April Wilson, Danny O'Brien, Travis Stacey

Sportsman: DYLAN EVOY, Kurtis Lee, Chris Herbison, Jason Shipclark, Bruce Makinson, Doug O'Blenis, Steve Barber, Dana Aikins, Kenny Polite, Jon Mills, Shane Pecore, Tabatha Murphy, Jessica Power, Brian Copp, Aaron Pugh, Sheldon Hoogwerf, Billy Cook, Ryan Comeau, Jonathan Ferguson, Jason Cummings, (DNS) Ryan Poole, (DNS) Thomas Cook

Rookie Sportsman: JASMINE DAVID, Josh Powers, Tristan Draper, Patrick Lanthier, Richard Raison, Jamie Young, Chris Bakker

Street Stock: PASCAL RACETTE, Danny Mocibob, Kevin Fetterly Jr., Todd Raabe, Darrick Eaton, Nick Gauvreau, Alex Gagnon, Travis Andrews, Selena Simzer, Brock Cullen, Perry Comeau

TUSA Mod Lite Series: PAUL KLAGER, Jeff May(DQ), Eric Desilet, Mathieu Robinson(DQ), Rejean Lemieux, Dave Bell, Richard Tessier, Raphael Ferland, Scott Waldrif, Karl Lamontange, Eric Varin, Dan Reif, Pascal LaFreniere, Tim Reif, Dean Pronovost, Joel Hargrave, Brad Reif

Jiffy Muffler Rookie Series: QUINCY ROBERTS, Mike Gaucher, Joe McNichols, Dave Watchorn, Darryl Mitchell, Corbin Miller, Randy Massey, Justin Desrosiers, Moise Page, Samantha Henderson, Yan Raccine, Scott McGill, Josh Kirkland, Mike Best, Kurtis Daye, Tyson Slinger, Colin Tracey, Tim Rhoden, (DNS) Brad Banks, (DNS) John Stanley, (DNS) Geneva Sheffield, (DNS) Cody McEroy, (DNS) Mike McGonegal, (DNS) Tyler Markell.

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