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September 9, 2017- South Buxton Raceway Summary

MERLIN, ON (September 10, 2017)- Starting fourth in the Chatham Pro Shop Mini Mod Feature, Dylan Wolters #54 brought home a Championship win at South Buxton.

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South Buxton Race Report For August 26, 2017

MERLIN, ON (August 26, 2017)- The Thunder Stock Crates were back at South Buxton Raceway Saturday night.

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August 19, 2017 - South Buxton Race Report

Merlin, ON (August 19, 2017)-  Saturday night was the 11th Annual Rick Haskell West Side Performance Plus Late Model Memorial Race. Mike Lewis #05 “was lost for words” in the Winner’s Circle surrounded by the Haskell Family.

Sunday, 20 August 2017 19:42 Published in Results & Points

August 12th, 2017- South Buxton Summary.

MERLIN, ON (August 12, 2017)-  The Southern Ontario Sprint’s (SOS) were at South Buxton Raceway Saturday night and they did not disappoint. Dylan Westbrook #47x from Scotland Ontario was the Feature Winner. After taking the lead following a caution on lap three , Westbrook had an impressive half-track lead on his competition. This was Westbrook’s second Feature Win at South Buxton Raceway this season. Westbrook thanked his family, crew and car sponsors for all of their help and
support. Tyler Hendricks #38 brought home second and Warren Mahoney #25 brought home third.

“Its been a long time coming” Brad Authier #1A said following his West Side Performance Plus Feature Win. Authier, a veteran South Buxton Racer, has been driving hard all season and finally made his first win of the year. “It’s not that we didn’t work hard for it” Authier said of his pit crew who worked hard to perfect his car setup. “The fans and sponsors keep us coming back, we couldn’t do it without them”.

Jim Dale #00 who began the race in the sixth position , made an impressive pass just moments before the checkered flag giving him second place. Brent Colby #7 who won the heat race, drove a hard race and brought home third place.

Eugene Hoekstra #36 celebrated his Schinkels Gourmet Meat Modified Feature win standing on his car.

“Everyone else does it !” he yelled to the cheering crowd.

Hoekstra, who shares driving with his son Darryl, smiled as he said he finally had one more win than his son bringing their combined total wins for the season to five.

“They work hard on this car every week and make it really easy on me”, Hoekstra said after thanking his Crew. Before leaving to celebrate his win, Hoekstra also thanked his fans and sponsors for supporting him every week. Clayton Smith #313 who drove a hard race battling his competition to maintain his top three position brought home second and Mario Toniolo #14 brought home third.

Matt Sorrell brought the #31 car to the Winners Circle once again after the Chatham Pro Shop Mini Mod Feature Race. Sorrell who was driving for Marshall Hereygers Saturday night began the race in third position but quickly advanced to first. With a best lap time of 18.81 seconds, Sorrell thanked his crew members for the set up they did on the car . This makes a fourth in a row Feature win for Hereygers. Sorrell thanked all of the fans, crew and sponsors of Hereygers car. Tim MacKenzie #81, who began the Feature in eighth position, drove a fast race and battled hard to bring home second place. Dylan Wolters #54 battled hard with Elliot Wilton #1 to bring home third place.

“Its about time eh?” Erik Vanderiviere #67 said in the Winners Circle after the Sun Parlour Trailers Sport Stock Feature Win.

Vanderiviere, who began the race in the number one position, maintained his lead while avoiding several cautions and lapped cars on the track. Vanderiviere gave credit to his crew members who “ work their butts off every week”. Vanderiviere also thanked his fans and sponsors for all of their support. Brad Bloomfield #11 brought home second and Marcel Gaudet #72 brought home third.

Kyle Gill #87 began the Auto Tech Sales and Service Bombers Feature in seventh place. After only three Laps Gill managed to overtake the entire track and bring home another feature win. Gill, who expressed he must have a horse-shoe hidden somewhere, thanked his sponsors, crew and fans for helping him get to the Winners Circle for a fifth consecutive time. Chuck Stuart #9 brought home second and Bob Hill #02 brought home third.

Brad McLeod #11 was involved in a rollover caution shortly after the Late Model Feature began. Luckily he was able to walk away from the wreck.
Angela Young #22 was involved in a red flag caution following the Sport Stock Feature. After speaking with Young’s Father and fellow racer Rob Young #48 we were informed she is okay.

South Buxton Raceway would like to thank our EMS crew for coming quickly to ensure the safety of our drivers.


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August 5, 2017- South Buxton Raceway Summary

MERLIN, ON (August 6, 2017)- Kyle Gill #87 brought home another Auto Tech Sales and Service Bomber Feature. Gill, who won his heat race is currently the points leader for the Bomber class. He thanked his family, crew and sponsors for
helping him be able to continue his current Feature Win streak. Carter Pickering #23 brought home second and Carter Coles #2EZ brought home third.

Brad Bloomfield #11 was the Sun Parlour Trailer Sport Stock Feature Winner. After “nailing his car setup” Bloomfield won both his heat race and Feature race Saturday night. Bloomfield, who is no stranger to the Winner’s Circle is slowly creeping up to the first place Sport Stock Points Position. Willie Vyse #2 finished the Feature Second and Tyler Lozon #66 finished third.

For the second time this season, Jason Haskell #RH94 was the West Side Performance Plus Late Model Feature Winner. After winning his heat race, Haskell maintained an impressive lead during the feature race. With a best lap time of 16.009 seconds, Haskell drove hard and was in a race all his own. Haskell thanked his family for all of their support and his sponsors for allowing him to do what he loves every week. Brad Authier #1A brought home second place and Jim Jones #34
brought home third.

Drew Smith driving for the #6M Justin Mills car was the Schinkels Gourmet Meat Modified Feature Winner. Smith, who fought hard to pass Eugene Hoekstra #36 waited patiently to pass on the bottom of the track.

Smith was met in the Winner’s Circle with Justin Mills Father who said “ I didn’t think he could do it, not with that motor, I bet that’s the smallest motor out here”.

Smith thanked his sponsors, his crew for all of their help getting him to the Feature Win and most importantly his wife and daughter Emma. Louis Clements #3C brought home second and Mario Tonilio #14 brought home third.

Marshall Hereygers #31 who has not been a stranger to the Winners Circle this race season was Saturday nights Chatham Pro Shop Mini Mod Feature Winner. After making a couple adjustments on his car -which included a special grind to his tires, Hereygers was able to win both his heat race and feature race Saturday Night. Hereygers thanked everyone for coming out and supporting him and the Race Track he also thanked his family and sponsors. West Bertozzi #K9 brought home second and Elliot Wilton #1 brought home third.

Please join us next Saturday August 12th for the SOS Sprints. August 19th will be the Rick Haskell Memorial Late Model Race and the JR Fan Club will be having their fan party the same night.


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July 29 South Buxton Raceway Summary

Merlin, ON (July 312, 2017)- “I’m very proud of myself,” an out of breath Kyle Gill #87 said after winning his third Auto Tech Sales and Service Bomber Feature.

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South Buxton Raceway - July 15, 2017

Merlin, ON (July 15, 2017)- After winning his heat race, Kyle Gill #87 was the Auto Tech Sales and Service Bomber Feature Winner. Gill, who was the front runner for the entire race celebrated his win in style – holding the checkered flag on the roof of his car.

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July 8 Mid Season Championship Races At South Buxton

Merlin, ON (July 10, 2017)- It was Mid Season Championship Night at South Buxton Raceway and the drivers did not disappoint.

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South Buxton Canada Day Race Report

Merlin, ON (July 02, 2017)- South Buxton Raceway celebrated Canada's 150th Birthday in style Saturday night.

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South Buxton Raceway June 24th Report

Merlin, ON (June 25, 2017)- Saturday night at South Buxton was the annual Autism Awareness night. A donation cheque was presented in the amount of $1000.00 to the foundation courtesy of the Raceway and Chatham, Wallaceburg and Dresden Subway restaurants.

Sunday, 25 June 2017 21:42 Published in Results & Points

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