Flamboro Speedway to Open Hall of Fame and Museum

Flamboro Speedway to Open Hall of Fame and Museum

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MILLGROVE, ON- Flamboro Stadium and Speedway is opening a Hall of Fame, Museum and Archives with the first inductees to be enshrined this November. We are looking for anything interesting for the Museum including photos, old newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, old programs and racing newspapers and personal items such as driver trophies, race suits, helmets and anything Flamboro related that we can display.

We will accept permanent donations or anything on loan to be returned. Items will be posted on our website as well for display at the track. Also looking for any help by way of sponsorship to help with anything from the cost of producing the large scrapbooks to setting up the website or any of the other worthwhile projects that will happen over the coming months.

History and Purpose: Flamboro Speedway in Millgrove, Ontario (near Hamilton, Ontario) has a longstanding tradition in short oval track Stock Car Racing in Ontario. Some of the greatest names in the history of our sport have come through Flamboro over the years and it has been a place where many racers have started their careers. Well known for some of the greatest names, characters, battles has given Flamboro the distinction of one of the longest and richest racing histories in Ontario. Entering out 51st year in 2012, these achievements bring with them recognition and make Flamboro one of the premier race venues in the province. It is my purpose to honor those individuals who have made outstanding contributions and helped make Flamboro Speedway the greatest racing venue in Ontario by forming the Flamboro Stadium and Speedway Hall of Fame and Museum.

Celebrating and recognizing the achievements of all those who have supported and made Flamboro Speedway what it is today is long overdue. Currently a Memorial Trophy honors those who have passed. This new project will be one more way to draw new and old fans to the track and celebrate the heroes of yesterday and teaching the young and up and coming racers and fans is important in the progression of the track for the future. Media will be kept informed of events and is my plan to have and promote special events such as old timers races, reunions and displays including photos, old newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, old programs, and personal items such as driver trophies, race suits, helmets and even old race cars on display. Something that has worked at other tracks and is very popular has been the Old Timers races and events that bring back the stars of the past, many who are undoubtedly heroes to today's racers and fans that have been attending Flamboro Speedway for many years. A Hall of Fame night or specially sponsored nights that racers of the past can be invited back similar to Memorial Night in 2011, are a great way to encourage those to return and enjoy where they once raced.  I have been working at a scrapbook project and I estimate it will include stories and pictures that will number 5,000 + pages. I have hundreds of old programs and tens of thousand of photos and scanned images from the past 50 years. I've also been working on putting together a list of every track champion for the past 50 years as well as the winners of each and every race since the track has opened.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Flamboro Stadium and Speedway Hall of Fame and Museum is to, preserve the history of Stock Car Racing, and make this history available to the public. To recognize and pay tribute to those who have given of themselves, whatever their roles in racing may have been. To enshrine and acknowledge the deeds of those people that excelled in motor sports at Flamboro Stadium and Speedway and to have a permanent museum where the public can examine motor sports racing memorabilia and recognize those who have been enshrined.

Hall of Fame Committee: For the inaugural induction, a fan vote will take place. Voting forms and information will be on line at the website, http://mostwanted2005.webs.com/ in the very near future as well at the track and a couple supporting sponsors. Currently working on a promotion where each time a vote is placed, that person's name will be entered into a draw for various prizes. Starting in 2013, a Hall of Fame Committee will be responsible for collectively considering the nominations and selecting the most appropriate and deserving nominees for induction into the Flamboro Stadium and Speedway Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame Committee will consist of individuals that have had an integral role in racing, former competitors, media, crew and mechanics as well as staff, builders and others who have contributed to the growth of racing at Flamboro Speedway. A fan vote will also continue.

Nomination Procedures: Nominations may be made at any time during the year, but must be received by a specified deadline for consideration during that calendar year. Nominations will be retained for future consideration for a period of five years, in which the nominee that failed to be inducted must be renominated for future consideration. Nominations must be submitted by email, mail or by hand at the track or selected outlets. Formal inductions will be made during the year end banquet ceremony to each individual or a representative who will accept the award on the inductee’s behalf. A maximum of 25 names will appear on a ballot with each voting member picking their top five choices. For this year, one vote per week per person or email address, until the voting closes will be allowed by the above noted means. A ballot will be included along with an information pamphlet with a brief description of each nominee and the Hall of Fame. A maximum of five choices per ballot with one write in vote being allowed. A point system will be used as follows, 5 points for your first choice, 4 points for your second choice, 3 points for third, 2 points for fourth and 1 point for your fifth choice.

Eligibility Requirements: Eligibility for induction into the Hall of Fame is available to anyone who has driven, owned, designed, built, supported, maintained, prepared, or promoted racing. To be eligible, an inductee must have been retired from active racing for at least three years and induction is limited to those who have recorded significant achievements at Flamboro Speedway only. The curator or committee has the right to deem a ballot void if it is not filled out according to the instructions or if the nominee does not meet the specified requirements. The current website, http://mostwanted2005.webs.com/ will be used for now but a new website will be set up in the very near future. Procedures and requirements subject to change without notice.

For more information please contact the Founder and Curator of Flamboro Stadium & Speedway Hall of Fame & Museum, Randy Spencer at 519-500-5964 or by email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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