One of the Avion RS1 car drivers will race during the 2020 season   One of the Avion RS1 car drivers will race during the 2020 season Photo Credit: Avion Motorsports

Avion Motorsports Announces 2020 RS1 Season Schedule

Written by  TL Sports & Entertainment on Wednesday, 04 March 2020 16:29

Avion Motorsports is pleased to announce the next significant step in the growth of the very successful RS1 racing series.

There are two classes of the RS1 racing series, the Challenge Class for novice and beginners along with the Cup Class for more experienced and professional drivers. All participants run in identically prepared 450 hp, North American style stock cars that are produced by Avion Motorsports to ensure safety & reliability at an affordable cost. And ensure close competition.

Beginning with the 2020 campaign the season will grow to five race weekends for both classes and expand to Wyant Group Raceway in Saskatoon, SK and also Penticton Speedway in Penticton, BC.

The Avion Motorsports RS1 series will also make three visits to Area 27 in Oliver, BC to round out the season including the season opening and closing races. (All dates & tracks listed below) It’s a bold new venture to expand the series to additional tracks that General Manager Al Lebert sees a great opportunity for the series and racers.

“When we first floated the idea last year, some drivers were a bit hesitant about running ovals, but as soon as they got a taste of it, they were hooked. And brining in Saskatoon & Penticton are the first steps to strengthen and grow our series” stated Lebert.

Preparing for the 2020 RS1 season the shop at Avion Motorsports has been especially busy preparing new identically built racecars for competition. One of the keys to success for the series has been close, tight racing for both veterans and those new to sport at an affordable cost.

In addition to the expansion of the Avion Motorsports RS1 series schedule for the 2020 season, there will be a number of new drivers participating this summer and there are a series of additional announcements to be released in the coming days. This all spells continued growth for motorsports in Canada.

“The plans that are coming together are really exciting” said Lebert. “Brand new cars that are ready to race, you can just show up with a helmet, everything is looked after. We’ve got a lot of drivers expressing interest in joining the RS1 series and some other surprises that we can’t reveal just yet. Everyone is pretty pumped” he added.

Those wishing more information about how to get involved in the series and the arrive and drive program should contact Avion Motorsports directly. There will be more news for the RS1 series and other ventures coming soon.


DATE                  TRACK                               LOCATION
June 6                Area 27                             Oliver, BC
June 20              Wyant Group Raceway        Saskatoon, SK
July 11               Area 27                             Oliver, BC
July 25               Penticton Speedway            Penticton, BC
September 26     Area 27                              Oliver, BC

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