Targa Newfoundland Planning For The Future

Targa Newfoundland Planning For The Future

Written by  Targa Newfoundland PR on Tuesday, 04 September 2018 14:50

St. John's NL (September 4, 2018)- With the 17th annual running of the Targa Newfoundland barely a week away, (September 13-22, 2018), race organizers are planning for the future and have released a five year calendar, one that extends the world famous rally through 2023.

As one of only three Targa events in existence, the Rally ‘Round the Rock attracts competitors from around the world. Co-ordinating the logistics necessary to make the yearly cross-country rally successful are overwhelming. However, Targa Newfoundland founder Robert Giannou and his experienced staff have become proficient at pre-event planning and have developed an uncanny knack for recognizing potential issues and are very adept at adapting to unforeseen situations.

With 16 years of experience to draw upon, Targa Newfoundland organizers are now relatively comfortable with the annual requirements and are now thinking ‘long-term’ in an effort to increase efficiency, not only for themselves, but for the competitors, the support staff, municipal partners, the volunteers, as well as potential and existing race sponsors.

One aspect that is certain to ease planning headaches for everyone concerned is that Targa Newfoundland has set the race dates for the next five years. (See calendar below). With hard dates in place, transportation arrangements can be confirmed in advance, hotels can be booked, involved communities will have ample time to prepare, and very importantly, long term sponsor partnerships can be arranged and finalized.

Giannou is not shy in admitting that the day following the completion of a Targa Newfoundland event is one that he personally sets aside for celebration. However, the planning for the next event resumes immediately thereafter. By looking into, and planning for, the future, the success of this unique motorsports operation can only be affirmed and increased, ever expanding on the professional status of the already world-renowned Targa Newfoundland.

September 14-21, 2019
September 12-19, 2020
September 11-18, 2021
September 10-17, 2022
September 9-16, 2023

For details regarding this year's Targa Newfoundland, please visit their website, www.targanfld.com

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