Flamboro Speedway Puts The Wraps On The 2017 Season

Flamboro Speedway Puts The Wraps On The 2017 Season

Written by  Randy Spencer on Sunday, 18 February 2018 08:14

FREELTON, ON (February 18, 2018)- The 2017 race season officially came to a close this past Saturday night (February 3) as Flamboro Speedway held its 57th annual awards banquet at the Waterdown Legion.

The sixth annual Flamboro Stadium and Speedway Hall of Fame banquet was also a part of the show. The night got underway with a meeting of a full house for cocktails and a great meal followed.

The Hall of Fame banquet portion of the nights festivities was up first. Yours truly gave a speech and Master of Ceremonies Gary Colling read a story of each inductee and each came to the front to receive their award. This years inductees were Dave Burbridge, Bernie Campbell, Gene Karley, Bob Kurtin, Linda Stenhouse and Don Thomson Sr. I also announce that we are forming a Hall of Fame committee to discuss everything related to the Hall of Fame, nominations, selections to the ballot and how this will be done, voting procedures, qualifications that need to met etc. This will lend some new ideas and will make the hall of fame more reputable and creditable. Larissa and I will be joined on the committee by the following. John and Frank Casale, Brenda Shunamon, Gary Colling, Mike Schmidt and Adam Ross. The remaining are already members of the Hall of Fame. They include Gary Elliott, Bill Grisdale, Harry Nicholson, Dave Burbridge, Wayne Keeling, Dave Franks and Randy Slack.

The track awards were next up. Once again Frank and Frankie Casale did an amazing job on the trophies. Gary Colling read off the awards and Brenda Shunamon and Doug Leonard hand out trophies along with reps from the track and division sponsors. Thanks to John and Frank Casale for another great year. Congratulations to all, especially the points champions. Nice to see three first time champs, Nick Troback, Doug Moir and Dan Nanticoke, a four time champ Russ Aicken and five time champ Shawn Chenoweth. The 2018 schedule has been released, copies were available at the banquet and will be at the registration. It is also on the website. Practice day is April 21st with regular racing starting April 28th. Check the website for all the details of the schedule and so much more.

Perfect Attendance Awards
Pure Stocks- 10 Courtney Scott, 16 Mark Thorne, 23 Doug Moir, 61 Paul Ditner, 83 Eric Crow, 90 Andy Wheeler
Mini Stocks- 07 Michael Kenny, 45 Kaitlyn Wallace, 61 Allie Ditner, 71 Russ Aicken, 72 Rich Schwartzenberg, 76 Shawn Taylor, 77 Mike Hooper, 84 Dave Gallinger
Thunder Cars- 7 Bobby Mercer, 31 Brandon McFerran, 55 Chris Howse, 73 Nick Troback
Late Models- 9 Jeff Ruddy, 36 Gary Elliott, 50 Chad Corcoran, 86 Billy Schwartzenberg, 89 Shawn Chenoweth, 97 Blair Wickett

Rookie of the Year
Pure Stocks- 23 Doug Moir
Mini Stocks- 45 Kaitlyn Wallace
Thunder Cars- 63 Carson Nagy
Late Models- 63 Hudson Nagy

Most Checkered Flags
Pure Stocks- 23 Doug Moir
Mini Stocks- 71 Russ Aicken
Thunder Cars- 73 Nick Troback
Late Models- 89 Shawn Chenoweth

Most Improved Driver
Pure Stocks- 10 Courtney Scott
Mini Stocks- 72 Rich Schwartzenberg
Thunder Cars- 73 Nick Troback
Late Models- 50 Chad Corcoran

Hard Luck Awards
Pure Stocks- 83 Eric Crow
Mini Stocks- 07 Michael Kenny
Thunder Cars- 7 Bobby Mercer
Late Models- 97 Blair Wickett

Best Appearing Cars
Pure Stocks- 10 Courtney Scott
Mini Stocks- 79 Kyle Istead
Thunder Cars- 63 Carson Nagy
Late Models- 86 Billy Schwartzenberg

Most Sportsmanlike Driver (voted on by drivers)
Pure Stocks- 16 Mark Thorne/23 Doug Moir (tied)
Mini Stocks- 61 Allie Ditner
Thunder Cars- 73 Nick Troback
Late Models- 63 Hudson Nagy

Flamboro Memorial Night Champions
Pure Stocks- 10 Courtney Scott/32 Gillian Hils
Mini Stocks- 03 Jake Gilbert/76 Shawn Taylor
Thunder Cars- 73 Nick Troback (both features)
Late Models- 89 Shawn Chenoweth/50 Chad Corcoran

Flamboro Championship Point Series
Pure Stocks
12. 32-Gillian Hils
11. 26-Ashton Reekie
10. 78-Clinton Kerkhoff
9. 13-Matt Fraser
8. 50-Ross Winters Jr.
7. 42-Leo Labarbera
6. 61-Paul Ditner
5. 90-Andy Wheller
4. 83-Eric Crow
3. 16-Mark Thorne
2. 10-Courtney Scott
1. 23-Doug Moir

Mini Stocks (Klotz Auto Repair)
12. 38-Rodney Rutherford
11. 03-Jake Gilbert
10. 5-Jonathan Ayrton
9. 7-Matt Young
8. 07-Michael Kenny
7. 77-Mike Hooper
6. 45-Kaitlyn Wallace
5. 84-Dave Gallinger
4. 72-Rich Schwartzenberg
3. 76-Shawn Taylor
2. 61-Allie Ditner
1. 71-Russ Aicken

Thunder Cars (Ray's Towing)
9. 70-Joe Trafford
8. 92-A.J. Miller
7. 13-Brad Collison
6. 76-Shawn Arnott
5. 63-Carson Nagy
4. 7-Bobby Mercer
3. 55-Chris Howse
2. 31-Brandon McFerran
1. 73-Nick Troback

Late Models (Grisdale Racing Products)
10. 14-Keith Temple
9. 97-Blair Wickett
8. 36-Gary Elliott
7. 50-Chad Corcoran
6. 9-Jeff Ruddy
5. 27-Kevin Albers
4. 63-Hudson Nagy
3. 02-Mark Burbridge
2. 86-Billy Schwartzenberg
1. 89-Shawn Chenoweth

Pro 4 Modifieds
12. 36-Dave Hodgkinson
11. 0-Shannon Morris
10. 21-Larry Westwood
9. 84-Vic Devries
8. 91-Mike Westwood
7. 32-Gillian Hils
6. 93-Dan Petit
5. 68-Aaron Turkey
4. 63-Mark Lucas
3. 23-Linc Erison
2. 9-Brian Nanticoke
1. 15-Dan Nanticoke


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