Michel Beyore will bring the same retro paint scheme to his No.54A DIRTcar Sportsman in 2017 Michel Beyore will bring the same retro paint scheme to his No.54A DIRTcar Sportsman in 2017 Dale Calnan/Image Factor Media photo

Michel Beyore Eager To Begin First Full Season of Sportsman Action

Written by  on Tuesday, 25 April 2017 13:44

COLBORNE, Ont. – April 25, 2017 – After completing a successful part-time campaign last year, Michel Beyore is ready for his full year of DIRTcar Sportsman Modified competition in 2017.

Beyore plans to be a regular at Brockville Ontario Speedway for his season behind the wheel of the No.54A.

Beyore is returning with the same car and setup that allowed him a competitive Sportsman debut in his return to dirt track racing last year. While the car is the same, the Colborne, Ont. resident has examined every square-inch of the car in preparation for opening day.

“Everything’s the same. We fixed the rear-end and put everything back together. It was working well before I wrecked at Brighton’s Applefest,” Beyore said. “Right now I’m comfortable the way it is, so I want to get going that way. Then, if I want to branch out on something different, I will.”

Beyore, a former dirt track regular before switching to pavement Late Model and Super Late Model racing for two decades, spent the majority of last year getting reacquainted with the feel of a dirt racecar.

“The biggest thing is you have to be up on the car all the time,” Beyore said. “There’s no laying back. It’s hustle. When I was running (pavement), once you got going you kind of sat back and tried to hold on to where you were.”

“With these cars, its go, go, go because if you’re not somebody’s going to take your spot. You better be hustling and make sure you’re faster or somebody’s going to get around you.”

One of the top challenges for Beyore will be tire preparation. Prior to last season, tire work was not part of the regular racing routine. Beyore has received advice from several competitors and is excited to continue learning this season.

“The tires seem to be a big deal and everybody has their own way of doing it,” Beyore explained. “I’ve talked to a few guys on how to do it and they’ve offered up some info on what to do. You have to try it and see what it does. The more I drive the car, the better I’ll get it.”

While Beyore knows he’ll still have to deal with a learning curve this season, his strength lies in his preparation.

“My car doesn’t leave unless its 100% ready to go,” Beyore commented. “I don’t like going to the track and have stuff falling off or if something isn’t running right. Stuff happens, but I try to eliminate it before.”

To start the season, Beyore plans to run on a bi-weekly basis at Brockville with select DIRTcar Sportsman Series races inserted in the schedule throughout the season. If all goes well, he’s planning for a trip south in October to the second annual One Dirt.com World Short Track Championships.

“If we can pull it off, I’d like to go down to Charlotte,” Beyore said. “That’s my goal to try and get there. It’s something different.”

Michel Beyore is seeking additional sponsorship support for the 2017 season, which kicks off on Saturday, May 13 at Brockville. Potential partners seeking more information can contact and follow Michel Beyore all summer long at www.beyoreracing.ca.

Website: beyoreracing.ca
Facebook: facebook.com/BeyoreRacing
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