9th in Dickies OSCAAR Outlaws Presented by LRR Points – Shawn Chenoweth

9th in Dickies OSCAAR Outlaws Presented by LRR Points – Shawn Chenoweth

Written by  on Friday, 30 October 2015 18:12

@OSCAARRacing • (October 30, 2015)- Showing speed each weekend that he hit the track, it seemed fighting mechanical issues were the theme of Shawn Chenoweth's 2015 season.

Unfortunately, those were issues that plagued Chenoweth from the very start of the season as he would blow up a motor during practice before the first event of the season.

Chenoweth wouldn't let that phase him, though, returning a couple weeks later in search of success. At Delaware Speedway, he had one of the quickest cars and had taken the lead in the early stages of the event. However, a power steering issue would result in Chenoweth pulling off with just under 20 laps to go and a DNF.  

Later on that month, the series would make the trip to Sauble Speedway, with Chenoweth looking for redemption. Rather than getting redemption, he'd end up being involved in a very scary crash in the opening laps of the feature. Contact would result in Chenoweth's super late going up into Sauble's catch fence before landing back down on the track on its wheel. Chenoweth was uninjured in the crash, but the car was completely destroyed, front to back. 

Once again, though, Chenoweth remained unfazed, with the car going through a complete rebuild. The driver of the No. 89c London Recreational Racing, KR Communications, Bennett GM, Castrol Superclean, Automotive Truck and Tire, Hitman Hotrods, Ideal Brakes, Wilson Ponds, Team Vincent Motorsports, Innerkip Plumbing & Heating and Pro Wraps Super Late would make his return at Flamboro Speedway about a month following the crash. He'd make it appear that he hadn't missed a single beat, running up front throughout the feature en route to a third place finish.

He would then head to Peterborough Speedway the following weekend, poised for another strong run, only to have mechanical issues derail his feature once again. 

With all the issues throughout the season, Chenoweth did end his season on a good note. He would finish sixth at the Velocity 250 at Sunset Speedway, followed by a runner-up finish at the Autumn Colours Classic.

By: Ashley McCubbin 


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