Martin Roy and his Batteries Expert/ Gamache Dodge at Barrie Speedway Martin Roy and his Batteries Expert/ Gamache Dodge at Barrie Speedway photo: Mathew Manor

Martin Roy Perseveres at Barrie

Written by  on Monday, 09 September 2013 09:08

Barrie, Ont. September 8, 2013. The theme of the weekend was perseverance for Martin Roy and his team, where they earned a top 10 finish despite several mechanical and weather-related factors at the Hudco Electric Supply 300.

The drivers practiced under gloomy skies on Saturday. For Martin Roy's crew, they were chasing the set up on the Batteries Expert/Veloce/Gamache Dodge and made significant adjustments.

"We're not very good, but we're not done yet," Crew Chief Mario Gosselin said after practice.

While the team worked diligently on the vehicle, the rain persisted and qualifying and the race were postponed until Sunday.

Roy and his team got a fresh start on Sunday under sunny skies and earned a solid 10th place start for the main event. Given the trouble with their racecar the day prior, the team opted to use a cautious strategy for the race.

"At Barrie, the key is to survive," Roy said of their strategy decision.

Despite the team's efforts at crafting a reliable and adjustable set up for the weekend, the car wasn't as good as they hoped. When the race kicked off, Roy was consistent and settled into a comfortable pace.

The team made necessary adjustments during scheduled pit stops, and ran inside the top 10 with ease throughout the day.

The driver of the #90 faced one minor hiccup late in the race, when contact with another driver bowed the hood. The team made a necessary stop to tape down the hood and improve Roy's visibility.

Shortly after that incident, Roy made a hard charge in the final laps and was able to thrust himself into the sixth place spot, where he eventually crossed the finish line.

"We did what we came to do: survive," Roy said after the race. "The car wasn't as good as we would've liked, but we persevered and collected a very good finish. Now onto Kawartha and we'll be better there."

After Sunday's race, Martin Roy sits in sixth place in the overall standings with 390 points. He holds a comfortable 47 point lead over the seventh place driver.


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