Supercar Competitors Fight for Mayor's Cup

Supercar Competitors Fight for Mayor's Cup

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Trois-Rivières, August 6th 2013 – One year ago, the Canadian Supercar Series was launched in Trois-Rivières. Competitors were competing for the first time for the Mayor's Cup, an historic cup battled on a historical race circuit. That cup was won by Jean-François Dumoulin (Dumoulin Competition).

Today, several new competitors have joined this growing series and are thrilled to fight to win the prestigious Cup.

Supercar provides an environment for drivers to showcase their race cars and to challenge other car makes of similar performance. With typically over 400 horsepower. In Trois-Rivières, we will see cars like Corvette, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche and more. Supercar encourages hard but fair competition under a code of respectful driving.
Weekend Schedule

At Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières on August 9th, competitors will have a practice session at 10:40 on Friday morning. Saturday at 8:40, there will be a qualifying session, followed by the first race of the weekend at 4:10.
Sunday, drivers will be competing for the Mayor's Cup at 1:20. This race will be preceded by an official race protocol.

Fans can keep track of live Supercar competition with their smartphone or computer by connecting to Live timing is available whenever and wherever the race cars are on the track

Canadian Supercar Series:  Ultra Performance Racing
For more information of the series, rules and registration, please visit

Information:   Alexandra Paquin/ Communications Officer


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