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Editorial: Help Bring Fox Sports Racing to Bell and Shaw

Written by  Joel McDonald on Monday, 25 January 2016 17:27

So many of us loyal Canadian motorsport fans are left on the side lines for watching the sport we love. If you have Rogers you are probably happy watching the Monster Energy Supercross (for example) on the Fox Sports Racing channel. However, if your cable/satellite provider is Bell or Shaw, you simply can’t get Fox Sports Racing.

I have been talking to the executives at both Bell and Shaw almost every day. Most people don’t know what to do, but throughout all my talks with Bell and Shaw executives I have found out that the only reliable feedback both TV providers are interested in from their customers is how many channel requests they receive.

Right now, Fox Sports Racing is the most requested channel among Bell and Shaw providers. I want to keep it that way by encouraging Canadian racing fans to continue sending channel requests.

This is a critical time. There are still more fans that have not requested the channel with their providers than those who have. We need more than ever to saturate them with channel request until they can no longer ignore the demand for Fox Sports Racing.

The channel is expensive because it currently has low advertiser participation, but the more channel requests sent in, the quicker Bell and Shaw will move on getting this channel back!

We need to show them the real overwhelming numbers, so they can not hesitate any longer to bring back this channel. Whether you’re a MotoGP or NASCAR fan, spread the word through your racing communities. If everyone does their part we will get the Fox Sports Racing back!

How to get Fox Sports Racing back:

If you are a Shaw customer, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and follow the template below:

Subject Line: Channel Request for: City // Name: // Account Number: [11-digit Shaw account number] // City: // Channel(s) Requested: [channel information]

The email will go right to the people at Shaw’s planning department (the people that need to see it). If you are a Bell customer you will have to call their phone number (1-866-310-2355) and put in your channel request.

About the Author:

Joel McDonald started off racing Motocross, then road-raced Honda and Yamaha motorcycles professionally until 2003. He still races motocross occasionally in the US.

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