Xtreme Motorsports Unveils the Xtreme Z Race Car

Xtreme Motorsports Unveils the Xtreme Z Race Car

Written by  Xtreme Motorsports on Wednesday, 17 February 2021 09:50

Xtreme Motorsports, a division of Unicorn Motors Ltd., is proud to unveil its new Xtreme Z race car with which it will compete for the 2021 Super Production Challenge (SPC) title. The Xtreme Z, based on the Nissan 370z production car, was developed by Xtreme Motorsports during the 2020 season. Race driver Olivier Bédard acted as test and development driver for this new project.

“We had two objectives at the start. First it was to make the Nissan 370z competitive with the specifications imposed by the SPC and the second was to determine all of the cars potential weaknesses to address them before the race season starts. At the end of the test program, we’re confident that both of these objectives were met and even exceeded. We can’t wait for the race season to start,” said Olivier Bédard

Even though the real test for the Xtreme Z will be during its first race event in May at Ontario’s Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, the team was able to judge its competitiveness at different circuits during its development program.

“My company – SolidXperience – is in the engineering business, so the first thing we did when we received the first car was to jack it up in the air and observe. The engineering on this car for the price is spectacular. The body is made of both steel and aluminum, so it gave room to the Nissan engineer to build a strong, robust and light weight platform, which is excellent for our needs,” said Alex P. Habrich.

In terms of specifications, the Xtreme Z uses almost all the mechanical components from the road version of the Nissan 370Z. The Nissan 3.7L V6 engine was upgraded with a cold air intake, an engine oil cooler, a reprogrammed ECU, and a less restrictive exhaust system. The drivetrain remains the same with only a lighter fly wheel and a limited slip differential upgrade.

The Nismo brake system was left on the car, but brake ducts have been added to help maintain optimum operational temperatures. The suspension arms were replaced and a racing coilover kit from Motion Control Suspension was added to allow for more adjustability.

For driver safety, a welded 6-point cage was installed on the car along side all mandatory safety items from the FIA regulations. Finally, a rear wing from APR Performance and a front splitter with side end plate design by the engineers from SolidXperience, printed using a Markforged 3D printer, give the Xtreme Z race car the proper amount of downforce.

As announced earlier this year, it will be possible for drivers to purchase an Xtreme Z, starting at $65,000 for an Xtreme Z built with a used Nissan 370Z or $75,000 for a new car. The car comes turnkey and ready to take on the Super Production Challenge 2021 season.

“Because we developed the Xtreme Z to join an existing and well-established championship, our vision, right at the start, was to build a top quality and competitive race car focusing on performance and reliability. For drivers that are part of the Xtreme Z family, we want to offer maximum support, including setups and developments learned from our racing effort,” continued Bédard.

The winter season at Xtreme Motorsports is already very busy. The building of all the Xtreme Z is well underway.

“We already have five cars in an advanced state of production for the 2021 season. In addition to the team’s cars, we have one Xtreme Z sold, and several other drivers with high interest in either purchasing or our rental program. Our goal is to produce eight Xtreme Z’s before the start of the season. It’s ambitious, but realistic," continued Habrich. "We have the resources and knowledge to make it happen. After the building is completed, our focus will turn towards preparing for the racing season.”

For more information about the Xtreme Z and to follow the team, check out the Xtreme Motorsports Facebook page and website.

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