Performance Improvements: All retail locations now open!

Performance Improvements: All retail locations now open!

Written by  Performance Improvements on Thursday, 09 July 2020 15:41

TORONTO, ON – Performance Improvements' showrooms in Toronto, Barrie & Hamilton are now ALL open to customers again. We look forward to seeing everyone at a safe distance, while we all do our part to avoid having to shut-down again.

We’re committed to the health and safety of our customers and associates. Toronto's city council has voted to make non-medical masks and face coverings mandatory in indoor public spaces to help limit the spread of the coronavirus. Our policy will be to require face coverings at all locations.

Our staff will be wearing masks to protect you, and we ask that you wear a covering to protect us.

Face Coverings Required. Please bring your mask when you visit us and disinfect your hands when you arrive. Because we had to stock up on PPE we are making it available to others as well. If you forget your mask, we have Disposable Face Masks available for $1 each, or $50 for a box.

We also have a reusable & washable mask from Edelbrock for $19.95. If anyone is unable to wear a mask for any reason, we also have Face Shields available for $4.95. Let's all stay safe so we do NOT have to lockdown again.

ALL CANADIAN SINCE 1964: Toronto call: 416-259-9656 • Barrie call: 705-735-1274 • Hamilton call: 905-574-6940

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Protect yourself & your passengers from Coronavirus

Here’s the problem as it relates to COVID-19 and your vehicle.

Over the years, we’ve done a great job of sealing up our cars. Ever notice how quiet they are on the inside nowadays? That’s because every effort has been made to seal up every gap possible for better acoustics. The result is that the amount of fresh air coming into the car — can be quite low.

When the windows are closed, SARS-CoV-2 (in fine aerosol particles) accumulates in the car cabin. With each new cough, the concentration builds up with no significant dilution happening. But even cracking one window open just 3 inches can keep this at bay.

However, while bringing in more outdoor air mitigates airborne transmission. If someone sneezes in the back seat without a barrier, they will contaminate your entire vehicle.

Divide It Universal Vehicle Divider is a “Sneeze Guard” designed for vehicles to protect and provide peace of mind to both the driver and passenger. The Divide It Universal Vehicle Divider can be easily removed, cleaned and reinstalled as desired.

Divide It D955 Universal Vehicle Divider – 55 in. Interior Width: CA$249.86

DIVIDE-IT is a universal vehicle divider that separates the front and back seating area of your vehicle allowing additional occupants where 2-metre physical distancing is not possible, minimizing health risks. DIVIDE-IT dividers are made of premium quality high grade 20 mil plastic that is clear, lightweight, flexible and easy to clean.

These removable dividers are simple to install and can be adapted to meet the requirements of most vehicles.

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