Real Deal Steel 1940 Ford Coupe and 1966-67 Chevy II/Nova Bodies Real Deal Steel 1940 Ford Coupe and 1966-67 Chevy II/Nova Bodies

New Steel, Cummins Swaps, and Programmable Horsepower: The Latest Products Now Available at Summit Racing

Written by  Summit Racing on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 12:20

(October 24, 2017)- From steel bodies for 1940 Ford and Chevy IIs to swap parts to cram a Cummins diesel into an unsuspecting GM truck to the latest programmer from Diablosport, Summit Racing has you covered.

Real Deal Steel 1940 Ford Coupe and 1966-67 Chevy II/Nova Bodies
The OEMs are not building 1940 Fords and 1966-67 Chevy IIs any more. But thanks to Real Deal Steel, you can get a brand new 1940 Ford Coupe or 1966-67 Chevy II steel body and have a solid foundation for a new build. Each body is assembled in the USA on Real Deal’s own fixtures, and features 25% more high strength spot welds than the OEM bodies.

Summit Racing Cummins 6BT to GM Truck Conversion Parts
The 1989-2012 Cummins 6BT diesel engine as found in Dodge and Ram pickups is highly prized as swap bait for non-Mopar trucks. The engine is strong and reliable in stock form, has a huge base of aftermarket upgrades, and fits most anywhere an inline six cylinder will fit. If you own a four-wheel drive 1973-87 GM square-body truck or 1973-91 Suburban and want to trade your gasoline engine or slug-like 6.2L diesel for a Cummins, Summit Racing now offers an engine crossmember, motor mounts, and a bellhousing adapter kit to make the swap possible.

DiabloSport inTune i3 Programmers
The inTune i3 Programmers are more than a mere update of an existing product. Its engineers have developed two versions of the i3—one that is 50-state emissions-legal (CARB E.O. Number D-770) and one for all-out performance tuning where emissions testing isn’t a concern. Both feature pre-set tunes, a data logging feature, and built-in Wi Fi connectivity to directly dowload updates.

Whether you're looking for horsepower, looks, or just replacement parts for your daily driver, Summit Racing is always adding new parts to help you with your product--check out the latest in the New Products Section at!

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