Mast Motorsports GM LS Crate Engines and Components Now Available at Summit Racing

Mast Motorsports GM LS Crate Engines and Components Now Available at Summit Racing

Written by  Summit Racing Products on Thursday, 21 September 2017 09:36

(September 21, 2017)- Fresh out of school, newly minted mechanical engineer Horace Mast surveyed the racing scene to determine where he would make his mark.

He saw the potential in GM’s LS engine platform and went to work. Fast-forward several years and Mast Motorsports has become a benchmark for LS performance. Take a look at the crate engines and components available at Summit Racing and you’ll understand why Mast Motorsports is standard equipment on a bunch of LS-powered track cars and featured in half the LS engine dyno tests in America.

Crate Engines
Mast Motorsports crate engines are hand built using the best parts available, then dyno tested on Mast’s own engine dyno to validate the performance. We plucked a Black Label 650 Street and Track LS7 to show you what goes into a typical Mast crate engine:
• Cubic inches: 427/7 liters
• Horsepower: 650
• Torque: 570 lbs.-ft.
• Compression Ratio: 11.4:1
• Block: Machined and blueprinted GM Performance Parts LS7 aluminum
• Crank: Forged Callies
• Connecting Rods: Callies H-beam
• Pistons: Custom Mahle forged
• Camshaft: Mast custom grind hydraulic roller, 3-bolt
• Cylinder Heads: Mast LS7 Black Label 285cc
• Intake Manifold: GM LS7 Intake and 90mm throttle body
• Mast engine management system (turnkey style engines only)
• Ignition coils, wires, and spark plugs
• Other Items: ARP fasteners, Cometic gaskets, Bosch fuel injectors and rails
• Your choice of LS swap, fourth or fifth Gen Camaro/Firebird, and Corvette oil pans

Summit Racing offers Mast Motorsports crate engines in over 90 configurations—EFI, carbureted, supercharged, you name it. Long blocks are also available. With so many to choose from, we do recommend consulting with a friendly Summit Racing rep to ensure you get the right Mast Motorsports engine for your project.

Black Label Aluminum Cylinder Heads
Mast Motorsports Black Label LS1, LS3, and LS7-style cylinder heads are cast and CNC-machined in the USA. They feature CNC-machined runners and combustion chambers, .750 inch thick decks and a six-bolt-per-cylinder mounting pattern to reduce the possibility of blown head gaskets due to large amounts of boost or nitrous oxide. Fully assembled heads have valve springs rated for up to .650 inches of valve lift. Summit Racing currently offers these fully assembled Black Label cylinder heads:
LS1 Cathedral Port
• 225cc intake runners, 70cc chambers with 2.080/1.570 inch valves
• 245cc intake runners, 70cc chambers with 2.165/1.600 inch valves
LS3 Rectangular Port
• 240cc intake runners, 61cc chambers with 2.080/1.570 inch valves
• 255cc intake runners, 69cc chambers with 2.165/1.600 inch valves
LS7 Rectangular Port
• 285cc intake runners, 70cc chambers with 2.200/1.600 inch valves
• 305cc intake runners, 70cc chambers with 2.250/1.600 inch valves

LS7 Intake Manifolds
With a 4,500 to 8,000 RPM power band, these Mast Motorsports manifolds are for serious race duty. Available in carbureted and EFI versions, the intakes are CNC-machined and fully ported with hand-blended plenum and outlet ports to maximize intake port velocity and airflow. The manifolds accept 4500/Dominator style carburetors and throttle bodies. The EFI intake comes with fuel rails and bracket and uses long EV1 type fuel injectors.

Summit Racing also carries other Mast Motorsports parts including conversion oil pans, camshafts and cam kits, and roller rocker arms.


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