Sniper X Cylinder Heads for Big Block Chevy Sniper X Cylinder Heads for Big Block Chevy

Pro-Filer Performance Products Now Available at Summit Racing

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(August 15, 2017)- Pro-Filer Performance may be one of the best-known companies you’ve never heard of.

Its cylinder heads and intake manifolds for big block Chevy have been taking names in NMCA, PSCA, and other serious heads-up drag racing circles for years.

Ask Jeff Lutz if you need an endorsement. He won the 2016 Hot Rod Drag Week Unlimited Class and overall championships with a set of Pro-Filer Hitman X heads on the 540 cubic inch twin-turbo big block in his ‘Mad Max’ ’69 Camaro.

What’s more, Pro-Filer does everything—design, mold-making, tooling, casting, final machining, and assembly–in-house at its Ohio facility. When you control the entire manufacturing process, you can make parts second to none in quality and performance.

Summit Racing carries a big selection of Pro-Filer cylinder heads and intakes for big and small block Chevy, small block Ford, and 429-460 big block Ford, including these:

Sniper X Cylinder Heads for Big Block Chevy
Designed for 502 and larger cubic inch engines, the Sniper X head flows big air—over 460 cfm intake/325 cfm exhaust on the 375 intake runner version. The Sniper X is 100% CNC ported and maintains the OE 24° valve angle required for classes like the popular X275 Radial. The head accepts standard big block Chevy parts including pistons, intake manifolds, and rocker arms. Sniper X cylinder heads are available bare or fully assembled.
• Choice of 355 or 375cc intake runners
• 199cc heart-shaped combustion chambers
• Rectangular intake ports raised .300” from factory location
• 1/2" thick decks
• Manganese bronze valve guides
• Assembled heads come with 1.650” valve springs (.800” max valve lift), 10° valve locks and titanium retainers, and 2.300”/1.800” (355cc) or 2.350”/1.850” (375cc) valves

Sniper and Sniper Jr. Intake Manifolds for Big Block Chevy
These single plane intake manifolds are designed with the optimum runner-to-plenum volume for maximum airflow and performance. Available to fit standard and tall-deck blocks, the aluminum intakes feature a 4500-style carburetor flange; cast-in one inch carb spacer and fuel injector bosses; four corner water bosses; and your choice of intake ports for stock, Dart, and Pro-Filer cylinder heads. Pro-Filer recommends port-matching the intakes for maximum performance. Tall deck intakes require either a slip collar distributor or a distributor designed for a tall deck block.

Sniper Intake Manifolds are recommended for 565 and larger cubic inch engines. The Sniper Jr. manifolds are recommended for 468-565 cubic inch engines. Both have a 3,000-8,000 RPM operating range.

All-American Cylinder Heads for Small Block Chevy
With so many intake runner, combustion chamber, and valve spring choices, we challenge you not to find a Pro-Filer All-American cylinder head that won’t work on your small block. The 23 degree All-Americans feature as-cast runners and chambers; revised spark plug locations to improve flame travel for more efficient combustion; manganese bronze valve guides; and steel valve seats. The heads are available bare or fully assembled with valves, valve springs, locks, and retainers.
Available Combustion Chamber Sizes: 64, 70, 72, 74cc
Available Intake Runner Sizes: 185, 195, 210cc
Available Valve Springs: 1.250” (.550” max valve lift), 1.437” (.650” max valve lift), 1.550” (.750” max valve lift)

Summit Racing also carries Pro-Filer Hitman and Sniper X tunnel rams for big block Chevy; All-American cylinder heads for small block Ford; C-Style cylinder heads for Ford 429-460; and other heads for big block and small block Chevy.


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