Ernie Saxton: Securing sponsors in a tough market

Ernie Saxton: Securing sponsors in a tough market

Written by  Ernie Saxton on Thursday, 10 August 2017 10:27

LANGHORNE, PA – Finding sponsors that are willing to pay for what a race team or promotion has to offer is getting tougher and tougher in all forms of motorsports. The latest edition of Ernie Saxton’s Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing News is jam packed with information that can be a huge help to sponsorship seekers. Kristin Swartzlander shares her ideas for increasing the value of your offerings so that you can receive the equivalent value in return.

Increase the size of your audience, and the depth of your connection to them. Swartzlander tells you how to do that and shares even more ideas in the August issue of Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing News now in its 33rd year of helping readers to be successful with their sponsorship efforts.

Marcie Barlow talks about sponsorship containing four key components while publisher Ernie Saxton tells readers if you have not been looking for sponsorship (for next year) you are already running behind. And then Michael K. Spotts shares his thoughts on the television presentations of the IndyCar Series and NASCAR.

In addition to these very helpful articles there is news of new sponsorship deals and the story of Target leaving motorsports.

The August edition is just being placed in the mail and you can have a copy for FREE when you take advantage of the special $24.95 one-year subscription to the newsletter. That is a savings of $15 off the regular price and includes the August edition with our compliments.

You can sign up by telephoning 215.752.7797 with your MasterCard or VISA. Or you can just put your check payable to ESC, Inc. and mail to 1448 Hollywood Avenue, Langhorne, PA 19047.

Check in at for information about Ernie Saxton Communications and services, including sponsorship representation, that are offered. Saxton has more than 40 years’ experience in sponsorship, marketing and public relations in addition to being a columnist in a variety of publications.



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