Auto Meter AirDrive Oil Pressure Gauge (black face shown- also available in silver) Auto Meter AirDrive Oil Pressure Gauge (black face shown- also available in silver)

New at Summit Racing: Auto Meter AirDrive Gauges

Written by  Summit Racing Products on Monday, 09 January 2017 19:10

@SummitRacing • @AutoMeter •(January 9, 2017)- Owners of late model musclecars will love Auto Meter’s new AirDrive gauges and tachometers.

You get the classic Auto Meter look and the accuracy it’s famous for, of course. But you also get gauges that can display valuable engine and other data sent wirelessly from your vehicle’s computer. That’s pretty cool.

AirDrive Gauges are easy to install—just mount them where you like (Auto Meter Gauge Pods make this a no-brainer), wire them to ground and a 12 volt power source, then connect them to the AirDrive module (sold separately). The module plugs into the vehicle’s OBDII port and wirelessly sends inputs from the vehicle’s existing sensors to the gauges. The AirDrive system also features two extra analog sensor inputs to deliver data from other sources—a boost pressure sensor for a turbo setup, for example.

You can program the gauges with your smartphone or tablet using Auto Meter’s free AirDrive mobile app. The app lets you set warning parameters, peak recall, and other functions; you can even set the illumination to one of 256 available colors.

Our friends over at posted a video from Auto Meter that shows how simple installing and setting up AirDrive gauges really is.

The AirDrive gauges themselves are available with silver or black faces and measure 2 1/16 inches in diameter.

Here’s what is currently available:

• 0-5,000 and 0-10,000 RPM tachometers
• 100-300 degrees F water temperature
• 100-300 degrees F oil temperature
• 0-100 psi oil pressure
• 0-100 psi fuel pressure
• 0-60 psi boost pressure
• 30 in.Hg/30 psi boost vacuum
• Air/fuel ratio


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