Castrol’s Oil Selector

Castrol’s Oil Selector

Written by  Marcovitch PR on Wednesday, 19 October 2016 11:11

@CastrolCanada • @Castrol – TORONTO, ON – Castrol has simplified the process of selecting the correct oil for any vehicle in Canada with its online Oil Selector. The Oil Selector tool provides owners or professionals with ideal lubrication products suited to the vehicle.

Knowing that not all oil is created equal, choosing engine oil can be a daunting task and a potentially costly mistake. You can take the second guessing out of the equation and confirm you made the right choice for you and your customer by consulting Castrol’s new Oil Selector.

Easy to use on mobile, tablet or desktop, the Selector accepts the manufacturer, model and year of the vehicles and confirms your oil choice in seconds. In addition to showing the appropriate viscosity and choice of engine oils, the site also provides the vehicles fill capacity and makes recommendations for other lubricants such as hydraulic brake fluid or automatic transmission fluid.

Oil selection is an important way to get the most out of a favorite ride while helping it last longer. Today’s engines can run hotter and at higher pressures than ever before causing them to work at higher pressures than ever before. Castrol EDGE is Castrol’s strongest and most advanced range of engine oils yet. Reformulated with FLUID TITANIUM TECHNOLOGY for maximum strength and performance, it has been engineered to withstand even the most extreme heat and pressure.

For owners changing their own engine oil, the Oil Selector is a handy tool. Consumers who prefer to have their service done professionally can rely on their technician to know the requirements of their car and can educate themselves by accessing the Oil Selector. The Oil Selector provides peace of mind knowing you’ve made the right choice for maximum protection and performance.

In Canada, Castrol lubricants are marketed and distributed by Wakefield Canada, a privately owned, entrepreneurial company focused exclusively on servicing the Canadian Automotive and Commercial Heavy Duty aftermarket.

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