Lincoln Electric Releases Revised Aluminum GMAW Welding Guide‏

Lincoln Electric Releases Revised Aluminum GMAW Welding Guide‏

Written by  Lincoln Electric News on Wednesday, 18 May 2016 14:35

@LincolnElectric •Cleveland, OH (May 18, 2016) – Lincoln Electric has released an updated guide for Aluminum Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). The newest version of the manual features a new, reader-friendly layout with updated information and photos of products and processes related to aluminum MIG welding.

The updated welding guide offers a detailed look at filler metal types, filler metal selection considerations for welding, tips for welding on aluminum materials and a discussion on the causes and cures of defects in aluminum welding. General welding safety guidelines are also included.

While all sections have gone through a thorough update, new sections include information on recent technology advances in welding equipment and processes designed for use on aluminum. New information is included on modern welding power source weld modes and taking advantage of synergic controls like Lincoln Electric’s Ultimarc® controls. GMAW welding parameters and starting procedures are listed for common alloys and material thickness. The discussion on metal transfer and modes has expanded to include pulsed spray, Power Mode™, Pulse-on-Pulse™ and AC pulse.

The Aluminum Gas Metal Arc Welding Guide is one of many arc welding process guides published and regularly updated by Lincoln Electric.

The updated Aluminum GMAW guide is available in a printed version and as a PDF download through the company’s website. For more information, visit

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