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SAN ANTONIO, TX (December 14, 2011) Customers familiar with the blue 5-gallon pails distributed by VP Racing Fuels for more than 20 years will soon see their orders filled with a newly designed pail that has undergone a significant makeover. “Our traditional 5-gallon pails served us well with a quality and look driven by functionality,” said Steve Scheidker, VP ‘s Director of Marketing. “They came to be synonymous with VP’s no nonsense approach to quality. However, we concluded it was time to upgrade the pails’ look to support our current brand positioning and better complement the advanced performance characteristics of the fuels they contain.”

“First, the new pails incorporate VP’s current tagline, ‘MAKIN’ POWER!’ and have an unconventional, edgy look in keeping with VP’s position on the leading edge of race fuel technology and our unbridled passion to stay there,” Scheidker added. “This attitude will carry over into our national rollout of VP-branded retail gas stations and C-stores where dealers and customers will be reminded that unlike traditional refiners, VP is not a conservative ‘oil company,’ but rather an unconstrained ‘performance company’ willing to push the edge of the envelope.”

“In addition, the new pail design includes images representative of the wide variety of motorsports VP supports with the best quality performance fuels. This will serve to remind customers of VP’s broad experience in race fuel technology and how adept VP is in transferring technology from one segment to another to yield ever-improving performance across all racing applications.”

“Given that these pails are sold into every segment of motorsports and can be found in pits and garages throughout North America and around the world, they actually serve as ‘billboards’ for our brand,” Scheidker continued. “It only makes sense to leverage that exposure to convey our key branding messages.”

“We’ve received nothing but positive reactions from our dealers who have seen the new pails and anticipate it will only enhance their ability to market VP’s products,” Scheidker concluded. “Importantly, the new pail design will have no impact on the price of our fuels and, of course, the quality of the pails’ contents will remain unsurpassed. We’re confident all our customers will embrace the new design and see it as the perfect container for their fuel of choice.”

VP Racing Fuels is the leader in race fuel technology, with a well-earned reputation for superior power and performance. VP is the Official Fuel of National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Championship Drag Racing, American Le Mans, World of Outlaws, AMA Supercross and Rally America among nearly 60 VP-sponsored racing series.

In addition to racing fuels, VP’s product line includes SEF Small Engine Fuels for 2- and 4-cycle portable gas-powered tools and PowerMaster hobby fuels for R/C racing. More information is available online at, or

From Steve Scheidker: 210-635-7744; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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