Terry Gorgerat made some new friends while visiting some different tracks during the abbreviated 2020 local racing season.     Terry Gorgerat made some new friends while visiting some different tracks during the abbreviated 2020 local racing season. Jim Clarke – Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media

Terry Gorgerat Makes the Most of a Pandemic Plagued 2020 Season

Written by  Jim Clarke on Saturday, 17 October 2020 10:46

CONSECON, ON (October 17, 2020)- Long before the green flag flies, local racers are already working on their equipment and making plans for where they’ll compete during the upcoming schedule.

Consecon, Ontario’s Terry Gorgerat was looking forward to his 2nd season of Thunder Stock/Street Stock action at the hometown Brighton Speedway when word came down that events at the 1/3-mile clay oval would be postponed indefinitely due to provincial government restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As much as he’s always enjoyed racing in front of his family, friends and sponsors, the 36-year-old – who’s car carries No. 82, to mark the year he was born – started looking for other places to ply his craft.

“It was tough sledding for a while because every where we wanted to go faced the same restrictions,” Terry Gorgerat said. “I like travelling around to different tracks when I can and despite the virus, I was able to run at Merrittville, Humberstone, Brockville and Cornwall in addition to Brighton during the year. Scored my first career heat race win at Brockville and got some TV time for my sponsors during some of the summer’s G-Force broadcasts.”

While he knew early on that he wanted to drive racecars, Gorgerat – who works as a tattoo artist and is the owner/operator of Screaming Ink Tattoo Studio – has never set any long-term goals or plans during his career. He wants to keep things fun for his family. Away from the track, he enjoys the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, family camping trips and boating. As a creative man, he enjoys teaching his sons artistic values and skills through art and other fun crafts around the house.

Behind the scenes, the No. 82 Thunder Stock team didn’t have an ‘official’ pit crew until this past season. Some friends would show up now and then to lend a hand, while other racers have been incredibly helpful. This year, a friend took an interest in the support and jumped-in with both feet. They came to every race, travelled with the driver and his family and showed-up every week to work on the car.

“I enjoy the fact that the odds are against me,” confided Terry Gorgerat. “It keeps me hungry. I’m still pretty new at the world of weekly racing and I’m learning lap-after-lap. It sounds strange, but I think the COVID restrictions were beneficial for our team. I jumped out of my comfort zone. Wherever there was a race, we were going. My wife was fully supportive and that made travelling much easier for the team. She never hesitated to pack up the boys and head out on the road.”

Terry Gorgerat’s 2020 season was proudly supported by Screaming Ink Tattoo, Cormier Roofing & Exteriors, R & E Tire, Steve’s Auto and Rest Easy Home Inspections.

“Under the circumstances, we did the best we could. Like everyone else, all we can do now is to hope for bigger and better things in 2021.”

Fans and friends can follow Terry Gorgerat and the No. 82 Thunder Stock team by liking the ‘Dead Last Racing’ page on Facebook.


Prepared by Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media

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