Mustard Seed Racing Season Update - COVID Style Dave Franks

Mustard Seed Racing Season Update - COVID Style

Written by  Mustard Seed Racing on Thursday, 27 August 2020 13:50

Mustard Seed Racing has been – and will continue to be – back on track this summer, kicking it ‘COVID style.’ With the world changing back in March, the Bos-Phinnemore Racing family was unsure of what the summer racing season look like.

Normally running 40-plus events across Ontario, multiple 50/50 fundraisers and other car shows at local businesses, the team figured – early on – that this year would be very different.

Mustard Seed’s two-car team sat idle in the shop, awaiting word from local track owners about what their schedules would look like. The team and its partners were all being impacted by the pandemic.

Instead of fretting about what can’t be changed, the Mustard Seed crew decided to take the family team in another direction, spending quality time together at their trailer, fishing on the lake and being patient.

Eventually Varney International Speedway opened for racing and Chandler Bos drove the #1 Mini Stock there, shaking off the extended winter cobwebs.

From there, Flamboro Speedway was in action for a few dates. There, Chandler drove the team’s #22 Mini Stock, while Rob Harrison filled in as driver of the #1.

There, Chandler finished well, while Rob got tangled up early and had a DNF.

The next time at Flamboro, Rob finished well but Chandler was taken into the wall by another driver, breaking a spindle and ending his day.

On August 15, Mustard Seed was back at Varney, with Bob Phinnemore piloting his own #1 Mini Stock. He brought it home in 10th place.

In the same race, Chandler was on fire, driving the wheels off the car. He led for many laps but was collected in an unavoidable wreck and a 15th-place result.

The team accepts the good and the bad that happens in racing. But at the end of the day, are proud to represent their partners, who are hard-working local businessmen and women, who meet the needs of their communities.

The team is also proud to be part of the Mikey Network and continues to raise funds and awareness to place defibrillators (AED) in public places.

Despite the team’s 50/50 events being on hold for the season, Mustard Seed Racing still had the privilege of placing a unit at Kell’s Garden Centre, in Stroud (ON) and training the staff on its use.

Looking ahead, the team’s cars have been repaired and everyone is looking ahead to being back at Flamboro on September 5th. They’re also considering possible race dates, later in September, at Peterborough Speedway.

With so many uncertainties, the team is already looking ahead to 2021, proud of their program and inspired to make it even more unique and successful, moving forward.

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