Tyler Seaboyer Flying High After First Career Feature Win

Tyler Seaboyer Flying High After First Career Feature Win

Written by  Dan Cabral on Thursday, 05 July 2018 15:32

BOLTON, ON (July 5, 2018)- - With a hard-earned Sunset Speedway feature win finally dotting his resume, there’s no doubt Mini Stock sophomore Tyler Seaboyer has never felt better about his own abilities behind the wheel or his small family-owned team.

Since debuting in 2017, the Bolton, ON product has shown a knack for learning and has demonstrated continuous improvement over his season-and-a-half, finally culminating in a narrow feature triumph this past Saturday.

“I almost choked up when the microphone was put in front of me and it all started to sink in,” admits Seaboyer with a smile. “It was pretty emotional for me”

“That was a lot of hours finally paying off,” adds the first-generation racer. “We’ve put a ton of work into our program. From the first day practicing last year right up until this last weekend - we’ve been thinking about how it would feel to finally win one”

While a first career victory is a much-deserved shot of confidence for the humble up-and-comer, he wastes little time in acknowledging that Saturday’s win is just the beginning.

“I’d love to believe that we can coast off of this one accomplishment for the rest of the year - but it really doesn’t work that way,” laughs Seaboyer. “One win doesn’t define a team. We have to get back in the shop this week and get back to work to make sure we come back and do this a few more times”

“This pretty much makes my whole year, though,” adds the personable sophomore. “We just come out every single Saturday trying to be a little better than we were the week before. We aren’t trying to change the game or reinvent the wheel here - we’re just working our guts out trying to cut the learning curve a bit”

“I couldn’t be happier with winning in just my second season - but I know that I’m not anywhere near as good as I need to be if I want to contend every week,” continues Seaboyer. “Even on Saturday night I think I made a few decisions that sort’ve showed my inexperience off. We just have to keep at this and keep turning laps. We’re going to be faster and smoother every week if we do.”


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