Kevin Bridge Remains Disciplined and Dedicated

Kevin Bridge Remains Disciplined and Dedicated

Written by  Dan Cabral on Wednesday, 04 July 2018 22:23

KINCARDINE, ON (July 4, 2018)- – After a pair of emphatic Great Lakes Concrete Mini Stock Series victories at Sunset and Sauble to open up his 2018 season, it’d be difficult to blame current mini-series point-leader Kevin Bridge for wanting to take things easy for a few weeks.

After all, the multi-time Sauble Speedway champion has proven to be one of the best Mini Stock racers in the province already and appears en route to what could certainly go down as a career year.

However, true to his reputation as one of the most tireless workers in Ontario racing, Bridge insists that a hot streak such as this is no time to take a step backwards.

“This definitely isn’t the time to just stay home and make Instagram posts about how great we are,” laughs Bridge when asked his plans for his family-run team after their white-hot start to the season. “It’s not like we worked all Winter with the goal of winning two races in this Series and then stopping. The job’s not done yet. We still have four races to go – so instead of celebrating the first two, we’re going to focus on the next four and figure out what we can do to keep getting better”

While Bridge is now soundly a member of Ontario’s Mini Stock elite, his work rate is most certainly a throwback to the days in which that status was far from a reality for the Kincardine, ON product.

“I try to put the same effort into my stuff now that I did when I was grinding to work my way into the top-5 every night,” explains the blue-collar veteran. “There were a lot of nights where I was just killing myself to keep up on Saturday night and then I’d jump right back in the shop on Sunday afternoon and work all week to try and get better”

“That’s the level of discipline I want to have for as long as I’m doing this,” continues Bridge. “You can’t come to one of these races half-assed and expect to have a night that you’re going to be proud of. It’s important to remember that no matter who you are”

And although chasing a flawless record across six races – especially those featuring some of the top competition in Ontario – is a daunting task at the best of times, Bridge insists that his team is ready to do what’s necessary to make it happen.

“It’s my goal to just keep winning,” says Bridge matter-of-factly. “I’m not as concerned with having a perfect record as I am with making sure our team meets its potential every single night. With how good this car is, it has the potential to win every time it hits the track. So, that’s what my goal is. I think we can keep our streak going and win all six of these races if we put in the right time and effort.”


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