Gary Klutt Picks Up New Sponsor Of Nu-Aria For The Clarington 200

Gary Klutt Picks Up New Sponsor Of Nu-Aria For The Clarington 200

Written by  Gary Klutt Media on Tuesday, 15 May 2018 18:38

HALTON HILLS, ON (May 15, 2018)- Gary Klutt will kick off the 2018 Season at CTMP for the Clarington 200 with a limited schedule planned, the team will be looking for funding for the select few biggest races on the Nascar Schedule.

“I am so thankful for the opportunity that Nu-Aria has given me to go run at the coolest track in the country. We’ve had our best results in the series at CTMP with a win and a third place finish in the past few years. I really think we have a shot at a win, which would be huge for our team, and the Nu-Aria alike!” Said Klutt.

When asked what the team’s plans are for the rest of the season and if Nu-Aria would be involved Klutt answered with a chuckle, “ I guess it depends how well we do this weekend, but the next goal is to find the funding to race the Nascar Camping World Truck Series race at CTMP in the fall, as well as the Honda Indy, I think those events are the best events in the country for ROI for any sponsor that we bring aboard”

The Green flag drops for the Clarington 200 at 1pm on Sunday May 20th.

About Nu- Aria

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