Disappointing GP3R For Kevin Lacroix Ryan Dupont photo

Disappointing GP3R For Kevin Lacroix

Written by  Service Presse on Monday, 14 August 2017 11:11

Trois-Rivières, QC, (August 13 2017)- It was a disappointing 48th Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières for Saint-Eustache native Kevin Lacroix in the NASCAR Pinty's series as he abandoned the race due to an accident.

He still managed to finish the race 16th, which allowed him to score a few valuable points in the Driver's Championship.

Lacroix had qualified fourth during Saturday's qualification session. Confident about winning the race, or at least gaining a podium finish, it is with deep regret that he had to give up all chances of scoring a hat trick by winning a third consecutive Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières.

Now second in the Driver's Championship, this 16th place did not make him lose his second place in the quest for the title, but it created a significant gap between him and Alex Labbé.

"Unless a bad luck happens to Labbé, I don't think I can win the title for our team this year," explains the driver.

Since the beginning of the weekend, the car #74 Bumper to Bumper/Total/Go Fast/PFC Brakes/Gates Corporation was not performing as expected, but the race was not lost in advance. Keeping a close eye on the leader's front battle, Kevin Lacroix was patiently waiting in fourth place for a good opportunity to take a spot in the top three. But an incident on the track with the car #32 shut down all hopes of success.

It is no secret that Lacroix and Alex Labbé are not best friends on the track, Kevin even confessed to slightly hitting the car #32 during the Circuit ICAR race, which Kevin won. Alex Labbé gave it back to him harder than expected when Kevin went flying into the wall this Sunday.

"Labbé tried to take me out at the second to last corner of the track but it didn't work, he then tried again in corner two and it worked, he didn't spare me," says a visibly distraught Kevin. "It damaged the wheel and the gear box, I came in the pits to see what could be done to save the race, but the car was falling apart."

Something that cheered Kevin up was to see the Bumper to Bumper family along with guests from Total, Go Fast, PFC Brakes, Gates Corporation and Lacroix Tuning at the race track for the GP3R. With over 200 invitees on site, proudly wearing their red, black and white team t-shirt, those fans were hard to miss!

Kevin wants to thank his sponsors Bumper to Bumper, Total, Go Fast, PFC Brakes and Gates Corporation, a partnership between growing companies that represent excellency, ambition and victory.

About Lacroix Motorsport: Lacroix Motorsport is a race team created in 2015 from Sylvain Lacroix and Serge Bourdeau's idea. They wanted to race for pleasure on road tracks in the Canadian NASCAR series. After Kevin Lacroix's first two wins, and seeing his son's potential, Sylvain decided to participate full-time in the series. Lacroix Motorsport is not only a team in the NASCAR Pinty's, in fact, Dany Lacroix, Kevin's brother, also races in the STCH Cup Formula Tour 1600 in Kent Class.
Lacroix Motorsport stems from an idea and passion. By creating this team, world snowmobile champion, Sylvain Lacroix has made it a family affair.


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