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Dumoulin Competition Rides In The Race Against Cancer Featured

Written by  Jessica Menard on Wednesday, 31 May 2017 16:12

TROIS-RIVIERES, QC (May 31, 2017)- – Following up on the success of the 2016 fundraiser, Dumoulin Competition renews its vow to support an important cause: the Grand défoulement of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

The winning formula seen last year will continue to be supported by the Dumoulin brothers, who once again invite fans to come to any race of the NASCAR Pinty’s season to sign their car for the cause, and to participate in the fundraiser activities.

Beyond this, Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin are lending their names to the Un ou l’autre campaign under the “Jean-François or Louis-Philippe” name, which is inspired by the statistic showing that one out of every two Quebecer will be facing cancer throughout their lives.

“We’re very happy to associate with the Quebec Cancer Foundation this year, and to once again unite our forces with Daniel Brouillette, president of the annual corporative campaign in 2017, in the race against cancer”, explain the Dumoulin brothers. “We want to bring light to the subject in the population because if we all work together as a team, we can win this race against cancer”, adds Louis-Philippe Dumoulin.

Last year, the amount of $13,611.75 was raised by signers of the car trunks, a donation made by the employees of Group Somavrac, and the “waiters for a night” happy hour event. All donations made throughout the 2017 “Race against cancer” campaign will once again be entirely given to the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

“Last year, people got involved, we were very proud to see the amount of people who signed our cars with so much eagerness to help. It’s a cause that’s close to our hearts, as we’ve been affected by cancer in our own family. It’s a disease that can appear at any age. Feeling powerless and seeing loved ones weakened by it is very hard. The Quebec Cancer Foundation has values that truly reach us, and we want to do everything in our power to help people through these difficult times”, share Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin.

“I’m very happy to see racers engaged in the race against cancer. The Dumoulin brothers stick to their values. They are family men who think of others, about the frailty of life, and about hope. To win against cancer one day, we need winners like them, and I truly want to thank Jean-François, Louis-Philippe, and the whole team for their involvement”, expresses Daniel Brouillette.

Un ou l’autre campaign: “Jean-François or Louis-Philippe”

The Un ou l’autre campaign is inspired by the following statistic: one in two Quebecers will face cancer at some point in their lives. It is therefore aimed at informing the population about the difficulties people affected by cancer are facing, while also reminding them of the importance of the Foundation in this context. For this, multiple personality duos from various spheres of Quebec culture have graciously accepted to lend their names to this initiative. Together, they show that all of us need to concern ourselves with the disease and find a way to make it easier to face it for others.

Luce Girard, director, Mauricie Regional Centre and Lodge, has also underlined the generous gesture made by Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin:

“Thanks to the solidarity of people like the Dumoulin brothers and their partners, the daily lives of people affected by cancer will be greatly improved. Half of Quebecers is a huge number of people who need our help and support every day! People of Mauricie are immensely generous. Let’s mobilize, and we’ll be stronger in the fight against cancer.”

Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin, as well as the Quebec Cancer Foundation, are joining forces so that the thousands of Quebecers with cancer, as well as their loved ones, can live better every day. Their association expresses that together, we can be stronger against this disease.

Planned activities for the “Race against cancer” campaign
The Great romp of the Quebec cancer Foundation

1. 2017 Season –NASCAR Pinty’s Series
• Sign the car of your choice and come romp with us!
• Next event: Delaware Speedway (Delaware, Ontario) :
• Louis-Philippe Dumoulin #47 WeatherTech Canada / Groupe Bellemare
• Jean-François Dumoulin #04 Spectra Premium / Bernier Crépeau / Groupe Bellemare / MIA Motorsports In Action / Trois-Rivières Mitsubishi

2. Trois-Rivières Grand Prix (August 12-13, 2017)
• A picture on the podium with Jean-François or Louis-Philippe Dumoulin for a donation.

3. The descent– Soapbox challenge (September 16, 2017)
• The Dumoulin brothers will be honorary presidents of the event.
• The descent will take place on côte Père-Marquette
• Fun guaranteed! Register in great numbers at jcmauricie.com

4. Hot dog party in partnership with Provigo Le Marché Trois-Rivières (September 18, 19 or 20th, 2017, depending on weather)
• Come have a delicious hot dog with us for a donation during this family event for all ages.
• The Dumoulin brothers, their car, and all team members will be on-location.

ABOUT THE QUEBEC CANCER FOUNDATION: For over 35 years now, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has been the leading organization dedicated to helping people cope with cancer, a disease that strikes nearly one in two Quebecers, greatly affecting their day-to-day lives. With locations in Montreal, Quebec City, Estrie, Outaouais and Mauricie, the Foundation gives people with cancer and their loved ones access to lodging and support services to meet their practical needs and facilitates access to cancer treatments. Through its Info-Cancer services, the Foundation also offers support, information and reassurance, free of charge, to people across the province.
Info-cancer: 1-800-363-0063 | www.cancerquebec.com  | Facebook: fqcancer

Media Contacts:
Jessica Ménard – Dumoulin Competition race team (dumoulincompetition.com) – P: 819 448-6514 (VM.) Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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