DJ Kennington in the #17 Castrol Edge Dodge on track at the Autodrome St. Eustache. DJ Kennington in the #17 Castrol Edge Dodge on track at the Autodrome St. Eustache. Matthew Manor

Best Result Of Season For Kennington

Written by  TL Sports & Entertainment on Sunday, 11 September 2016 15:08

@djkracing •@NASCARHomeTrack •#NPS • #NASCARPintysSeries •@AutodromeASE •St-Eustache, QC September 11, 2016. Building on their strong run a week ago DJ Kennington and the #17 Castrol Edge Dodge team captured their best result of the season during round number eleven of the NASCAR Pinty’s Series Saturday night at the Autodrome St. Eustache near St. Eustache, Quebec.

Kennington had a rocket fast car all-day and captured a second place result in the 250-lap event.

Kennington’s #17 Castrol Edge Dodge was quick right away and he posted the fastest time during the final practice session. Inclement weather forced the cancellation of qualifying and the field was set based on practice times during the first of two afternoon sessions which meant he lined up third for the main event.

In the early going Kennington kept a comfortable pace in the #17 Castrol Edge Dodge during the race.

“We hardly made any changes all day” said the driver. “And with the threat of more rain I wanted to get to the front” he added.

Kennington would take the lead for lap 57 but surrendered it the next time around. Shortly after rain would halt the proceedings temporarily but once racing resumed Kennington was again putting a charge into the #17 Castrol Edge Doge.

“After we made our stop for fuel and tires the car was event better” said the driver.

Kennington would take the #17 Castrol Edge Dodge to the front of the field again on lap 152 and at times looked invincible building up a significant lead over the competition.

“I didn’t have to push to hard when I was out in front. I was just managing the traffic and keeping a good pace,” explained the driver.

A late race caution would work against the #17 Castrol Edge Dodge team however.

“If we didn’t get the caution with about 35 to go then we win the race. But when I heard the #76 got tires I knew with our older tires it could be trouble,” stated Kennington.

The #17 Castrol Edge Doge would fall back to second with 10 laps remaining. Another late caution set up a green, white, checkered finish but Kennington was unable to overtake the leader and crossed the finish line in second. While disappointed at not taking the victory Kennington also recognized how well the entire team had performed.

“I can’t say enough about this whole Castrol Edge Dodge team and everyone that supports us. We’ve had some struggles but they’ve all stuck with us. The guys just worked even harder and we’ve made some big progress. That win we all want is coming, I can feel it. We definitely have some momentum heading into next weekend at Kawartha,” stated Kennington.

DJ Kennington and the #17 Castrol Edge Dodge team will be back in action for the final race of the 2016 season this coming Saturday, September 17th at Kawartha Speedway near Peterborough, Ontario.

Race fans are encouraged to keep up to date with the latest team news in several ways. Race fans should bookmark the team website and follow them on twitter, @djkracing and Instagram. Fans should also “like” the DJK Racing Fan Page on Facebook.


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