'Party Time' Bryan Sudsbury 'Party Time' Bryan Sudsbury

Bryan Sudsbury Aiming to 'Outwork' the Competition at Peterborough Speedway in 2016

Written by  on Tuesday, 22 March 2016 23:27

BOWMANVILLE, ON- With an up-and-down 2015 campaign in his rearview mirror, fan favourite 'Party Time' Bryan Sudsbury is ready for another fulltime season in Peterborough Speedway's headline Late Model division.

Sudsbury returned in 2015 after a yearlong hiatus and spent much of the season working through a myriad of handling issues before finding his groove late in the Summer.

"I'm never afraid to try anything with these racecars, as long as it teaches us something in the end," says the former Peterborough Speedway champion in reference to his 2015 struggles.

"Sitting on the sidelines for a year, and then coming back with a brand new car meant that we were going to have to take some big swings no matter what. I'm not going to lie and say that everything we threw at the car worked - but every race night taught us something that made us better"

"This technology evolves so quickly - and it's our job to adapt to it as fast as we can," continues Sudsbury. "Because if you don't, it's really hard to stay relevant"

'Party Time' will once again work with his family-owned operation in 2016, with team members Josh Arnold, Graham Annis and Graham Flett returning for a run at another Peterborough Speedway championship.

"I can't possibly thank Josh [Arnold], [Graham] Flett and [Graham] Annis for the amount of time they've invested in our program over the winter," insists the Bowmanville, ON racer.

"I'll never be able to pay them back. It's pretty incredible to work with a group of guys that want to win every bit as much as I do. Everyone here believes that we have a team strong enough to run with the best anywhere in Ontario"

And though he anticipates the competition at Peterborough to intensify in 2016, Sudsbury makes it clear that his team is prepared for the challenge.

"It's no secret that Peterborough's roster has gotten tougher every season," notes Sudsbury. "It was hard to win races last year, and it's going to be even harder this year. We're just going to have to dig down and do everything we can to outwork the rest of these guys."

Bryan Sudsbury's 2016 season will be made possible thanks to the support of Great Canadian RV, ALMA Mechanical, Deighton, Cochrane Automotive and GTA Racing Design.

Fans can stay up to date with 'Party Time' all season long by visiting the official Bryan Sudsbury Racing page on Facebook and by following @SudsburyRacing on Twitter.

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