PHOTOS: Cayuga Speedway... it's all about that base Courtesy of Cayuga Speedway

PHOTOS: Cayuga Speedway... it's all about that base

Written by  on Friday, 05 December 2014 10:03

#racing • #cayuga • #speedway • NELLES CORNERS, ON – After determining that the base under the original asphalt surface would need to be removed and replaced, the construction crew at Cayuga Speedway is in the process of removing almost two feet of material, down to the clay base.

The old material, which was causing water seepage issues, is being replaced with new, 2-inch rock, which will improve drainage. The removal of the old base is giving the track an opportunity to increase the degree of banking in some places, which is something that wasn't originally planned when it was thought the old base might suffice.

The work is being done in 100-yard sections, and as soon as the old base is removed, GPS-guided computer equipment follows behind with the new material and compacts it. This work will be completed and the base will settle throughout the winter.

In the spring, the base will be graded again before the asphalt is laid down.

Thanks to Cayuga Speedway for sharing their construction photos.



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