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Track renovations underway at Delaware Speedway

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Delaware Speedway's new owners are releasing details today of a renovation project to the historic speedway located just outside of London, Ontario, Canada. The plan will see the first major upgrade to turns at the track since the 1990's and the first reconfiguration of a turn since 1969 when the speedway was expanded to its current size. The upgrade is made possible by the Spivak-Demelo Ownership team and aims to radically improve the quality of racing at Canada's most historic speedway. Excavation has already begun for the project.

"Delaware Speedway is open for business and this construction shows the strong commitment from the new ownership group in building racing at the track for years to come," explained track PR director John Houghton. "These improvements will help make Delaware Speedway the top destination in the region for racing enthusiasts and casual fans alike".

--Rumours Which Turned Out True--

A number of competitors were consulted in the planning for the construction and the plan was actually leaked in early March by a handful of eager drivers using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. With the original date for construction and planned release date set as April 1, the program was believed by most to be an April Fool's Day prank.

Fans and drivers have seen their share of renovations to the facility in recent years in spectator areas, food concessions, and pit road. Long-anticipated upgrades to the racing surface itself, however, have been on the waiting and wish list for many years.

The plan was widely praised by drivers including 2010 Track Champion Ron Sheridan.

"I think it's great to show of commitment on the track's part," explained Sheridan. "To see them willing to take steps to make the racing better is something that will benefit everyone, the fans and the drivers."

--Details of the Plan--

The plan calls for a significant reworking of the "left-hand side" of the track and part of the front stretch and pit road.

• A new concrete lane will be placed below the existing concrete in the turns at a reduced level of banking below the current preferred grove.

• The inside wall entering turn three will be moved towards the infield of the speedway to accommodate the new concrete.

• The inside wall on the front stretch will be removed and altered on the exit of turn four to allow the new concrete to make its way to the front stretch.

• The entrance to pit road and the large tire that marked it will now be moved towards the middle of turn 3-4.

The renovation is expected to generate greater interest in Delaware Speedway's racing programs and radically improve the quality of racing on the track. The update will allow drivers to choose different lanes as they enter the turn three area and set up more planned passes on their competitors.

From John Houghton / Delaware Speedway PR
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