Charles Hammer finished third in the 2012 standings Charles Hammer finished third in the 2012 standings Richard Coburn

2012 Quebec GT Challenge Wrap-up

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September 21, 2012.- Montreal driver Charles Hammer clinched the 2012 season Championship with two 5th place finishes at the last round, held at the Calabogie Motorsports Park. The Quebec GT Challenge was created late in 2011 to give every racer a chance to go on track, no matter what type of car he or she was driving. Challenge founder Charles Hammer saw an opportunity to race the kind of car he likes to drive.

“A lot of racers own well prepared cars that do not fit in the current racing class structure because of age, preparation rules or outright speed. We decided to create a series where you can “Run What You Brung”, be it a Prototype, an old Trans-Am or production-based car, or a recent Super Car.”

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Seven double-header rounds, featuring standing starts, two 20-to-30 minute races with an obligatory pit stop, took place at the Circuit ICAR and the Autodrome St-Eustache near Montreal, and at the Calabogie Motorsports Park, just West of Ottawa.

A total of 18 drivers took part in the series, an excellent number for a first season. Series Director Cliff Dawson of Pro racing management is happy with the first season’s results.

“We know there are a lot of idle race cars out there and drivers who will race them if the costs are kept within reason. That is one of our goals and we know that our approach will attract more and more people over the coming seasons. We will announce the 2013 schedule shortly, as well as a few refinements to simplify our rules and give every participant a chance at a good result.”

Here are the 2012 Championship results. Congratulations to Alan Bellavance, who raced his Honda Civic in all 14 races and finished on the podium 4 times over the season.

2012 Quebec GT Challenge - Championship Results
1. Alan Bellavance, 94 points (Honda Civic); 2. Henri Sicotte, 79 (Corvette Z06); 3. Charles Hammer, 77 (Volvo S60); 4. Eric Durand, 66 (Dodge Neon); 5. Marc Gawronski, 61 (Honda Civic); 6. Réjean Dumais, 60 (VW Golf); 7. Patrice Lonergan, 54 (Honda Civic); 8. Claude Lussier, 50 (VW Corrado); 9. David Legras, 38 (Honda Acura); 10. Simon Lauzé, 28 (Porsche 944); 11. Michel Legrand, 25 (Radical); 12. Guy Laporte, 16 (Corvette Z06); 13. J-Sébastien Sauriol, 13 (VW Golf); 14. Georges Moutafis, 12 (BMW); 15. Gilles Dufort, 11 (Mustang GT); 16. Enrico Sasso, 9 (VW Rabbit); 17. Guy Rouleau,  8 (Mazda Protege); 18. Michel Auclair, 4 (Porsche 968)

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