Lombardi Honda Racing team’s Civic Si in action during the 2012 Canadian Touring Car Championship Lombardi Honda Racing team’s Civic Si in action during the 2012 Canadian Touring Car Championship LHR

LHR Autosport Launches for Racers and Honda Fans

Written by  on Wednesday, 12 September 2012 10:06

MONTRÉAL, QC - Multi-time Canadian Touring Car champions in many different categories over the past forty years, the Lombardi Honda Racing team is expanding even further by announcing today the official creation of their LHR Autosport division, which is dedicated to the preparation of Hondas for all motorsport competition, as well as for Honda fans wishing to personalize their street cars.

Rich with a long history of motorsport victories and championship titles, the Lombardi Honda Racing team just finished another season in the Canadian Touring Car Championship, in which they claimed the runner-up spots with Benjamin Distaulo in Super Touring (Honda Civic Si) and Simon Dion-Viens in the B-Spec category (Honda Fit). On the heels of the completion of the 2012 season, Lombardi Honda Racing is moving forward by today opening their doors of their new LHR Autosport division, whose mission is to prepare all race and street Hondas.

"Our team has shown its competition capabilities for many years now. The time is right to offer our winning services to other racers as well as to people that want to tune their own street cars," said Lombardi Honda Racing driver and competition director Benjamin Distaulo. "Going forward, it’s all Honda drivers, not just our team drivers, that can benefit from having a car prepared to our quality standards."

LHR Autosport is equipped with a dynamometer and is based out of one of Lombardi Honda’s Montreal locations. The entire race team is in charge of building and preparing engines and the reputable Perry Auto Laval has been chosen as the official distributor of LHR Autosport products (motors, parts, etc.).

LHR Autosport is also developing a turbocharged engine for the Honda Civic Si Turbo, a model that will soon be on sale at Lombardi Honda.

Honda/Michelin series champions and 2009 and 2010 Canadian Touring Car champions, the Lombardi Honda Racing team will be back in action on Canadian tracks for the 2013 season, with the goal of renewed success.

All information concerning the Lombardi Honder Dealership is available at www.lombardihonda.com. For information on the race team, visit www.lombardiracing.com or the team’s Lombardi Honda Racing Facebook page.

Courtesy Lombardi Honda Racing

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